Sunday, September 16, 2012

Middle of September already?

Where has the month gone to!  It's been a busy, crazy month around here.  Brie and Skye moved out and are now living about an hour and a half away with her boyfriend, a really nice guy who is good to botIh of them.  We still keep Skye when Brie goes to school (she commutes), and for drill weekends, so it's not like we don't see her/them a few times each week, and it's going ok so far.  I have been filling my "free time" in with working on projects and doing some chores that have been put off, so I am not sitting idle by any means.

My right eye continues to heal, and I can see fairly well to do the things I love, although driving and distance vision still seems a bit out of reach.  I restart my eye drop regiment on the left eye tomorrow, with surgery scheduled for Wednesday.  Then I am cautiously optomistic that things will really improve.  I know it's gonna take time for everything to fully heal and for my eyes to be at their peak of performance, but each day things get a bit clearer, and when both eyes are balanced out, then things should be great.

Reimond got his midterm grades back: 5 As and a C.  He said he'd be bringing the C up, but even so, the core subjects are all As and I couldn't be prouder.  He asked if I thought he was settled enough with school to get a job and I said I believe so.  He is keeping up on everything he needs to, so having an income will be nice for him.  Hopefully he will have better luck finding a job than Aurora and Dan have been having.

Aurora dropped cross country after some difficulties with the coaching staff over her schedule with bowling, which is her primary sport and her being sick for their first meet.  She seems ok with that decision, and has been focusing on her bowling and academics.  She and Eric plan to continue running together and perhaps even get into some races.  Eric hasn't been running much since Aurora returned to school and he started overnight shifts, but those come to an end in another week or so, so they can resume their morning runs (he just doesn't feel like running after a 14 hour day at work, and I certainly can't blame him!)  And Brie is focusing on school and being a full-time mother, which she is happy about. 

My big kids are doing ok.  Tony is still having a lot of pain from his knee surgery, and I sure feel for him.  A dear friend of mine had knee replacement surgery and she too is struggling with the healing process and letting things have time to heal.  As someone used to being in the caregiving role, it is so hard to sit back and let others do the giving, and we chomp at the bit to be independent and not have to rely on others for assistance.  As much as I hate driving, being reliant on others to take me where I need to go has been a lesson in humility and being thankful for the graciousness of my family members to get me out of the house some and doing things.  Liisa got chosen as employee of the quarter for her hotel, with her picture on the front page of the hotel's website ( along with a link describing why she won this award, and it includes a personal parking space.  I am so proud of her!  She and Zack are doing great, and he was just in his first cook-off (BBQ) representing his employer and they lost placing by only 3 points.  It was a fun experience for him.

My grandkids are settled in to school (2nd grade and kindergarten) and are quite happy too.  I need to mail them a package of some things I found here of theirs (socks and underwear) that turned up in the laundry after they left...  I will try to find something fun to tuck into their package as well. Eric resumes classes this coming week (Wednesday night in fact) and he will be headed there while I stay home and recouperate. He works the overnight shift monday and tuesday as yet (and did an overtime shift tonight) but is off at 2 am wednesday morning, so he'll be able to catch a nap before taking me to the surgery center.  He has 2 classes left, and will have his BS at the end of this term.  We cannot wait!

I probably am leaving all kinds of things out of my blog tonight, but it's getting late and I am getting tired.  Reimond invited me to go to a celebration at the park tonight with him (he had been there with friends) and there was live music, some booths for beer and food, and the postponed 4th of July fireworks were set off (at 8:30 pm!)  He came home and got me (because I can't drive myself up there), and we sat with his friends, then with the neighbors to watch the fireworks display.  It was a lovely night, very fall-like, and a nice way to end the weekend.

We really haven't heard much from Patrick of late, but last we did talk to him things were going ok for him, although his hours had been cut just prior to the tropical storm that hit Florida and the gulf states, so he was looking to see if he could get hired by a McDonald's down there as a second job.