Saturday, July 30, 2016

Three more days to go...

Although I actually go back to work Monday and Eric will have child duty until their mother gets here.

Eric very graciously played chauffeur and nursemaid on Thursday so I could do the yarn crawl with children in tow. 
As you can see by my purchases, I tried to be responsible and only got what spoke to my heart: the gold and the variegated on the left screams large shawl, in a lace weight, the purple on the right. Is soft and cuddly; the top yarn is for socks for Eric, who needs more work socks, and the two middle yarns Skye said were needed: one makes a hat with a cat for a pompom, the other is a princess shawl. I also got a lovely shawl pin. 

The baby is not the best road tripper. She does not like the car seat. Skye Is a wonderful traveler and helper. We got stuck in a major traffic jam when a semi carrying hay caught fire closing down the freeway as we were coming home, and we spent 2hours in gridlocked traffic. Not fun!  The previous part of the day was nice though, with lunch near the Missouri River in Washington Missouri, and Ted Drews at Knitorious.  

I finished Eric's socks, and they are the same size, just need a soak and being blocked (although I think he's wearing them today already). 

This has been the story of our weather this week: ostensibly comfortable, with an unbearable heat index.  Sadly we haven't done a lot of outside activities, except sporadically and in the shade.


Skye played with a neighbor's chameleon and was fascinated by it. 

I have decided I was amazing with all I got done as a daycare mom. Keeping two little ones and keeping up with chores has been a challenge. I feel like there is stuff I wanted to accomplish over my two weeks off, but haven't seen the end of much of anything. I almost could use anger few days off after they go home to rest up! Oh well, it's been worth it. The girls are wonderful and I love being a grandma. 

Anyhow, that's how this week has gone!

Monday, July 25, 2016

10 days and counting

I've had the little girls since Friday night (7/15) and I am starting to feel it.  I've loved having them, but today I am feeling burnt out. Eric was home for 4 days after his 10 days training in Little Rock, so we did more playing than working and now I have to catch back up.  A load of dishes in the dishwasher, a baby napping, a little girl playing on her tablet, and me taking a quick breather... 

Yesterday the temperature reached 102 degrees and a 112 ( or higher) heat index, so we went to the pool. We had a good time and used plenty of sunscreen. It was nice--the water was about perfect, warm enough to sit in and refreshing compared to the air outside. 

I am about a third done with Eric's second sock, and I am in the mood to make doll clothes. Maybe I can squeeze in some sewing this week. So far pick up knitting has been easiest to do, with all the interruptions but we'll see.  The yarn crawl is down to 6 shops now and Eric said he'd come with so I can participate this year. We are going to do it on Thursday, when it starts, with both girls in tow. It may be interesting!

The heatwave has broken, or so they say, but today is overcast and gloomy.  Time to turn on some lights and get active again.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I'm back!

I'm back!

I post on Facebook when anything big comes up, or even small things, so I have gotten way from blogging. Work has strict guidelines for computer use, and when I am home there are often other things taking my time and attention.  But I got an email from a dear friend who pointed me to another blogger and I found myself captivated again. I spent a week reading her blog from oldest to newest and was reminded of why I loved my blog and I missed it.

So a brief synopsis of things since over a year ago:

I still work in child protection. There are thinks I like and appreciate about it, and others that have hurt my heart. I still want to do counseling/therapy, and still feel drawn to it, but I am not seeing signs that it is time to move on yet.

Eric still works for the federal government.  He's had a promotion, and more responsibility. It's a job, it pays the bills, and he works hard. He takes good care of me and we are happy.

We are down to two kids at home, for however long. Aurora graduated college, and Reimond decided it wasn't for him. Both are living at home for the nonce. Patrick is living in town, and Brie and her girls are in Missouri, about 90 minutes away, with her husband.  I have the girls for two weeks while Brie is at guard annual training. I took two weeks off to do it and we are managing just fine. Skye will be 6 in August, and Adrianna is 5 months. 

Tony's kids are growing too: Justin is 11 and Alexis is 9.  He just bought a boat and it looks like such fun! He and Andrea are going strong. Liisa got divorced the end of last year. She has a new guy in her life who makes her happy. I am so proud of the adults my children have become. They are wonderful people.

I am still very actively doing my handwork.  I just finished knitting a summer sweater for me, and a sweater for Skye. Still need to make Adrianna's matching one. I also finished an entralac scarf. Now my knitting focus is a pair of socks for Eric. I have a couple of quilts being stitched, and two to quilt. I have cross stitch projects and crochet projects too. I also am still spinning on the drop spindle. Have not gotten a spinning wheel yet, but still hoping for one.

I need to focus more on my diet and exercise. I saw the cardiologist who said I need to lose weight and become fitter. I'm trying. The girls are keeping me moving that's for sure.  Small steps are what I need to do...

Anyway, it's a start!