Monday, May 5, 2014

Early May

Saturday was prom for Mascoutah. Reimond had never gone to his, because of miscellaneous reasons, but he did go this year, with his girlfriend Jamie. They had a really nice time. I wasn't able to see them, except in photos, because they got ready at Jamie's house, and I had no car to get back and forth, but I have enjoyed hearing all the stories, and seeing the pictures.

Today is one of those perfect days. I have been up since 7, working on changing around my sleep schedule some in the hope of having a job, and I am sitting in the backyard with my coffee and my iPad, enjoying the birdsong, insect buzzing, and the warm breeze. Eric is working today, his fifth day in a row (60 hours!), Patrick is still abed, and the others are at school. I love the peacefulness of it all. Later on I will focus on the chores needing to be done, but for now, I will enjoy my yard. 

I am assuming my interview went well, because they finished their interview schedule on Thursday and were calling on my references on Friday. I know that is no guarantee, but it is hopeful. Part of me thinks it will be fun working out of downtown St. Louis, and regardless of which position I get hired for, there will be lots of moving around and being out of office time as well as office work, so it should be interesting and challenging. 

I am also feeling more "myself" if that makes sense. The winter depression has lifted, and getting my hair done (highlighted/shaped) has "removed a few years" to quote my son. I had bangs cut again, and when I look I the mirror I like what I see. My weight, of course hasn't cooperated, and my increased sedentariness since Skye moved away has contributed, but I am not letting it bother me over much, and I am. Trying to just be mindful about my calories and my activities.

I did have Skye here this weekend, and it was a lot of fun. She introduced herself to Jamie's grandma as "Skye, the Princess" and we spent part of our weekend playing in the castle (my yard swing), as various Disney princesses in let's pretend games, riding her bike ( she has finally mastered both pedaling and steering at the same time), and cuddling while reading stories, singing, and watching Disney junior on tv. 

 Skye is never still,  and she has an endless appetite for everything--food, knowledge, attention... She makes me so happy. We looked and the photos I have of when she was a tiny newborn, and she just giggled at how small she was, and what a big girl she is now. I have no pictures from this visit where she isn't in motion, and she only napped on Saturday (having gotten up at 5:30 am) because she sat down to watch a movie. 

Reimond had two pictures in his first college art show in April, and they are on display thru mid May. He is doing really well this second semester, and I am proud of him. Aurora too is working really hard at school, and is focused on homework almost to the exclusion of all else! That isn't to say she doesn't have a social life--she does, she just is a really diligent student! Since Patrick and Kalen broke up, Patrick is out and about when he isn't working, and we hardly see him. He's almost a ghost, who comes and goes at will!

Brie, James, and the kids are doing fine; Liisa loves her new position, as assistant director of guest services at the Radisson Blu, and Zack has returned to Dickie's, as a general manager for their Shakopee store. Tony and Andrea are also content, and the kids are busy with school and activities. I am so grateful to social networking to stay an active part of their lives!

That is all that's new around here. I suppose it's time to head in as my coffee cup is empty!