Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Really? October first already?

This past month has flown by, what with final projects for summer session for me, adapting to the new schedules of Reimond and Aurora, fleeting trips north to see Skye, Brie, James, and Liam, and adjusting to medication changes...

We are fine here. The government shutdown, which went into effect today, is causing some issues for James and Brie, as he lost his government job the end of September, and is in full job search mode, but hasn't affected us too badly (at least as far as we are currently aware of) because Eric's job is an essential function. We haven't heard how it will affect services on base yet (e.g. The commissary or the bowling alley), but we have at least options. 

I had a full blown freak out earlier today when I got an email from my school telling me I was no longer eligible for financial aid, with one class left and graduation approved. After a few phone calls (to financial aid, and my academic advisor) I just heard back that everything is fine and I am set for the final term, fully funded. Supposedly I had too many credits for my degree program allotment, but it was an internal glitch because my multiple programs weren't being taken into account. It is all good now and I can breathe again.

Health-wise I am doing well. The beta blocker is working effectively to slow my pulse back to more normal parameters, and while they have changed the brand (and hence another round of tracking pulse and b/p for a month) I am feeling 100% better and able to be more active. In fact, Eric and I went to the Strange Folk Festival on Saturday and had a lovely time walking around, talking to various acquaintances and artisans, while on Sunday we took the metro to St Louis and attended Taste of St Louis.  The food was great and reasonably priced, the beer was outrageous, and the music entertaining. We got off at the arch, then walked to Soldier's Memorial Park (we screwed up--thought that is what the arch grounds were called) about a mile away, but lined by beautiful gardens, fountains, and buildings I had never really seen before. We had a wonderful time and the weather was amazing!

School is going well for our students, and I resume classes next week. Skye is growing like a weed, and is truly a little girl now rather than a baby, although when she is with us she likes to "pretend" she is "small" or "baby Skye".   It's so sweet!  One funny anecdote: the other day she ran up to auntie Aurora and informed her "you are on my panties!" ( referring to princess Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty). It made us all laugh!

My Minneapolis family are doing well too; Liisa and Zack still don't have their new roof, but negotiations continue between the public adjustor, her insurance company, and her contractor. Hopefully they do something soon because the rains and snow are coming in the not so distant future, and she still has a tarped hole over the bathroom...

Here are a few pictures from the month just past:

Reimond's still life assignment

A purse I made with a coordinating bag (for holding knitting projects)

The mystery socks I finished for September's sock challenge:

And of course, Skye wearing Papa's t-shirt as a nightgown and eating a homemade cinnamon roll in grandma's bed....
I found a wonderful recipe that is easy to make and makes 2 dozen huge rolls! They were gone in a bit over 24 hours!

I have been doing other machine embroidery as well, and knitting too on the two shawls I have in progress, and a second sock that is slowly coming along... I have also been trying out new recipes and varying up our diet a little; and I have started appliquing block 4 of my Cat Acatemy Quilt.  I would say September was an overall productive month for me, and is am looking forward to the cooler days of fall.