Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's been two weeks, time for an update...

Things are going fine here. I have started getting my own cases, and I am finding the work challenging in a good way, and rewarding, however I am also getting fairly simple cases to break me in easily. I have a good supervisor whose goal is to not burn me out; from what another worker has said, not all supervisors are as respectful. 

Skye had a tummy bug earlier this week: she woke up at midnight Wednesday morning throwing up, and we had 3 baths and three complete changes of bedding in 5 hours... Poor kid took a couple of days to fully bounce back, and I called off Wednesday so I could take care of her. She is doing better now, thank goodness because it's hard, even knowing at times she is a drama queen who milks it for all it's worth at times.

We have been practicing her writing, both on paper and using an app I downloaded on my iPad. She is really enjoying creating letters, and she has even figured out (the minx) how to save some of her creations to my photo gallery...
This is an example of what I find unexpectedly :)

Aurora has started bowling again with the college team and practices are taking up much of the free time that studying isn't using; Reimond got a job at Texas Roadhouse as a busboy and is, so far, finding it surprisingly enjoyable. The paycheck won't hurt either. He is making significantly less than minimum wage, but he also gets a percentage of the tips. We'll see how that turns out when he sees his first pay check. School is going fine for both of them. Patrick too is working more hours, and he is keeping vampiric hours: goes to bed with the sunrise generally and gets up early afternoon. 

I was enjoying some pics Zack posted of an outing he and his kids took to Taylor's falls today: I love that state park and it looks like they had a ball!

The weather down here has been gorgeous this week and the foliage is starting to show some color. And I really enjoy Kiener Plaza kitty-corner to my office building because of the fountains, "waterfalls" and reflecting pool, and green spaces to go sit by during my lunches. I really have missed all my out-of-doors time this summer, especially since most of my weekends off previously have either been stormy or ungodly hot and humid!

Eric had a weeks vacation a week ago and spent some of it working in the yard, in between walks with the dog and keeping Skye occupied. He is headed back onto overnights soon, and life will get confusing while we get reorganized to that routine.

That is all that's new around here!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Some photos from the past weekend

made an impulsive trip home to MN for Labor Day weekend and spent some quality time with my mom, my kids, and my grandkids. I didn't really give many people a heads up that I was in town, because I had not been home in over 15 months and I really didn't have time to run the roads--I was parked between mom's, Liisa's and Tony's houses, and Jeffrey loaned me his jeep to get between houses. I had a wonderful time, and it was clearly too short a trip to do all that I would have liked, but I got in some nice chats with mom and quality cuddles with the grandkids.


My room at the Radisson Blu Friday night, courtesy of Liisa and the hotel staff!

Playing in the pool with Justin and Alexis on Saturday morning!

Loving with the grandkids at Liisa and Zacks's...

Family at mom's.

Fire in the storm at Tony and Andrea's...

And a flight home on Monday, so I could go back to work Tuesday! 

Work is going well and I am starting to get my own cases. The family is doing fine, and Skye had a wonderful birthday. She is quite happy being 4 now.  And now it is Sunday again, and I need to finish up some chores, so this is picture heavy and light on verbiage :)