Friday, August 9, 2013

Another quick update...

This is me of late... Although it's more like so much to do, so little energy to do it.  I had my echocardiogram today and the tech said everything looks structurally sound, but of course the cardiologist will still need to read it, and my pulse galloped thru it at a rate of 109-129 bpm. Then I got wired up to the Holter monitor, and while I have tried to be somewhat more active, there is probably more I could do, especially since I fell asleep while reading and didn't realize I had dozed off until the phone rang. I apparently slept about an hour, because I last remembered looking at the clock at ten minutes to six and it was just after seven when Eric called me. Who knows how long I would have slept otherwise! Eric had an interesting observation though- perhaps my need for sleep/tiredness is because of how hard my heart is working. 

Anyhow, after we were done at the hospital we went to Walmart and picked up some refills on meds the base pharmacy didn't carry, and we wandered around a bit. I also vacuumed the main floor, which was in dire need of it, even though I just did it a couple of days ago. Then I knitted on my new shawl (a quickie, mindless knit, but using my hand spun yarn) for a bit, came upstairs to keep Eric company while he readied for work, and had my nap.  I decided to go for a walk, from the house to the trail along the south on the sidewalk, then followed it back to the back of the house... I was winded and got my pulse pounding, so if there is something going on hopefully it will show. Then I had dinner, tried to read but got bored (research papers for my project due Sunday) and knit for a bit. Now I am trying to decide if I am ready to go back to sleep or if I should try reading research again and fall asleep for sure :)

We went out to a Japanese buffet and seafood grill for Patrick's birthday yesterday, and the whole family was there. Little miss Skye looked adorable as always and was my girl. 

She is so sweet and loving! I miss her this weekend but she is staying with James' mom and some of his other nieces and nephews, and it is probably for the best. She would have a hard time with my monitor, wanting either to wear it too or help take care of me. Brie and James came back down for the night to be closer to the armory, and will be gone bright and early. 

Eric ran out first thing this morning to be in line at the local IRS office when it opened for tax transcripts for Aurora and Reimond's financial aid. Not sure what the timing is for when Aurora's is due but Rei had to have his in either today or Monday at the latest or he'd be dropped from his classes. He ran them over this afternoon, so hopefully all he has left to do is buy books and school supplies. 

Ok, I am yawning.  Just a couple more photos before I go:

This was Eric and I before we left for our fifth anniversary dinner.

This photo made me smile, taken at Reimond's graduation party in Minneapolis: me and my dear friend Debbie;

And this is the first useable amount of yarn I have spun and plied using my drop spindle, the yarn I am using now in a shawl similar to the one I made for Deb. There is 151.5 yards of it.

I think that's all for tonight. I will update again when I have results from the cardiologist.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Quick update

I have been taking my meds faithfully (all ten of them, with a hope we can reduce a few of them soon), and I have been taking my blood pressure daily, which is responding well to the med, but my pulse continues to be fairly high 90-130's. I am scheduled for an appointment with the cardiology department tomorrow to have an echocardiogram and then be fitted for a Holter monitor (24 hour EKG). So hopefully we will know soon what it is that sets my pulse to racing so. I also have a Gino appointment coming up to check for endometriosis, something my sister had severely enough that it caused he monthly abdominal pain that didn't show on any tests (until she had an exploratory laparoscopy), and resulted in her having a hysterectomy. And I see the gastroenterologist soon too. We are gonna get me figured out, hopefully sooner than later.

I am a little sad we won't be having Skye over this coming weekend, given its a drill weekend, but it is probably for the best, with my needing to run back and forth to the hospital with wearing and then returning the monitor, and I have a 15 page paper due Sunday night. Sit, I am going to miss her because I love our time together.  I am also missing not having Justin and Alexis here, but again, it is probably for the best, despite my sadness. 

Eric and I had a fabulous 5th wedding anniversary. We went out and had an amazing, Italian gourmet style dinner with multiple courses, pair with exquisite wines. We truly enjoyed ourselves and it was such fun. Exactly what I was hoping for in celebrating this first milestone anniversary. The restaurant is called Acero and we were at the "more laid back" location, versus their higher end version in downtown St. Louis. The meal lasted for 2.5 hours, and we spent that time talking, counting our blessings, and planning for the next five years.

Today is Patrick's birthday so will will be doing his family dinner tonight after Eric gets home from his overtime shift. Not sure where we are going yet, but it should be nice. 

I am doing okay. Eric has been wonderfully supportive of everything I have been dealing with these past few months and I am hoping our answers are easily fixed. As my sister told me one day last week, there is nothing wrong with "Better living through chemicals" and I will do whatever is necessary to regain my ability to function as I think I should. The hardest part for me is slowing down and accepting that I cannot overdo anything because it sets my heart to racing and I feel winded, like I ran an obstacle course instead of just running the vacuum. One day at a time is my mantra, along with a strong belief that God is with me every step of the way, is in control of my future, and has a plan for what is to come. God's grace is sufficient for me and I am blessed.