Saturday, June 26, 2010

I know, it's been over a week...

Hi Reina! Here is your Daily Horoscope for Saturday, June 26

Your energy is just right for some serious kicking back -- so take the day off or find some other way to sneak some personal time into your busy schedule. It's not all that hard, really.

My "horrorscope" has it right for today.  This last week has been hell.  A dear friend had made a suicide attempt this week, and was talking to me on the phone when s/he passed out (I won't say more about who it was, or gender).  Needless to say, I was extremely concerned, and while not positive it was what I thought it was, decided to contact the police and have someone check.  My friend was taken to the hospital and is currently getting some much needed help, but is NOT happy with me for having made the call to start the process rolling.  As I have said on more than one occasion, better to have a pissed off friend who is safe, than a dead or injured friend who now thinks you don't care.  It's been an emotional roller coaster for me though.  Last night Eric and I went out to the winery for dinner, wine, and live music for the evening and it was just what I needed.  I found myself finally starting to relax and let go.  I have prayed constantly for all that is going on in the lives of people I care about, to the point that I was becoming emotionally exhausted.  Last night, and today, I am focusing on taking care of me. 

Aurora is leaving tomorrow for two weeks with her Mom, and she seems at peace with the trip this time.  Makes me so happy to see that.  Patrick is plugging away at summer school.  His grade is NOT what he is capable of doing, but he IS passing so far.  Rei too is plugging away and if he keeps up the pace he is at, should be passing both classes as well.  Brie is spending most of the week and weekend with her boyfriend.  We are awaiting the results of her fasting glucose test to see if she has gestational diabetes.  Her and I spent most of Tuesday at the clinic because of all the blood draws (one an hour time 3 after the initial baseline one and then drinking the sugarwater). The doc did say she is progressing nicely size-wise, and that the baby's heartrate is strong.  We know she is very active too.

Eric is bringing me up some breakfast in bed (lol--we both have been up for a couple hours now, but he likes to pamper me); then we are gonna play some everquest for awhile.  I need to work this afternoon/evening (unless I get called off), so we are going to spend what time we can relaxing and just being together.  It's a nice break from stress and worry!

Friday, June 18, 2010


I am so glad it's Friday!  It's been a pretty good day too!  Went and had a girl's day with Aurora--mani- and pedi-cures, eyebrow waxing, and then off to treats at Target, along with doing a few other errands.  A fun and productive day!

Eric has not heard anything on the interview results, and my guess is it will be awhile before we do.  He missed all his classes this week (first week of the summer term), but did go today and pick up his books so he has those.  He has been on overnights all week, including an overtime shift yesterday, so he has been busy sleeping during the day, and working at night.  This is his long weekend on too, so I hope he gets some good rest.  He did today, despite the heat and humidity.  Anthony got home from BNOC (Non-commissioned officer training) and ended the term with a 92% overall.  The lowest he got on any test was an 85% so he was quite pleased, as were his commanding officers.  He has another training to go to in August, this one job specific to his mechanical skills, and he also is looking to do combatives training too for his unit.  Busy soldier boy!  I am so proud of him!

Reimond isn't doing so hot in summer school, although he is picking things up some.  All I want is for him to pass.  I am not so worried about the grades as much as I worry about the credit for taking them.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Patrick has actually been seen doing homework, and that is a plus as well.  Still haven't formally checked on his grades, but he says they are good.  That too is what we want for him.  We really want him to get his diploma.  Aurora is enjoying her summer still.  She is supposed to be going to her mom's the end of the month thru early July, but she also is hoping to go to a youth bowling camp in IN in July, one is a weekend opportunity, while the other is a 10-day camp.  Then she has Band camp to attend, and school is starting early mid-August...  We really need to get her plans and schedule all organized! 

Brie got notice from the clinic that her blood sugar is too high from the glucose test they did in May, so when she goes next week she has to do a fasting test.  It's concerning because she had sugar in her urine early on (and they never did recheck that); she is also (according to WIC) a few pounds underweight for where she should be, although her measurements are just fine.  We (Eric and I) worry she isn't eating right for the baby or herself, and warned her that this could be serious, and she needs to take it seriously.  She still gets the hives quite a bit, and she is noticing some swelling in her hands and feet (water retention).  I am really glad she has an appointment next week.  She has been home this week ONLY to do laundry and grab a few new clothes; she says she'll be home on the weekend, but we'll see... 

I work Saturday afternoon/evening, but have no idea what my schedule is like for next week.  Could work many days, or could work only one!  I have no clue (haven't been there to check the schedule this week).  I guess I will find out tomorrow!  I think I am gonna spend the late morning to early afternoon at the pool.  I need some sun and water!  I get such cabin fever when I am stuck in the house.  I do finally have a vehicle again though.  The pilot needed almost $1,700 worth of work to the air conditioning system--the compressor was bad, the fans burnt out, and it was ugly. Fortunately for us, the cost came out of the extended care plan Eric bought when we got the pilot, so there was NO out of pocket expenses for us on this one.  Hence my enjoying a girly day with Aurora today! 

Still haven't uploaded my pictures as yet to the computer, but I promise to get to them soon.  I think it's time to go put the pizza in the oven and enjoy a decadent dinner with Aurora.  The boys are out with friends, Eric is at work, and Brie is with her boy-toy.  Makes for a quiet household!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Keep your fingers crossed!

Eric has his interview tonight with the local PD for a position as a police officer within our community (if hired, no more long commutes to St. Louis!).  He got a haircut Monday, we got his good suits both drycleaned and picked up this afternoon, and he got new dress shoes on our way off base.  I am confident he will do well, and I am really hoping that this comes to pass for all of us.  It would be a great opportunity.

We have some other things going on as well, that I don't feel comfortable blogging about right now.  Sufficeit to say we are fine, just have some stressors that need to be worked through. Say a prayer for us for patience and guidence.

Now to get going on some chores!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And so a week has passed...

And what a week it has been.  It was wonderful having the little ones here!  They were so busy and entertaining.  I have never slept better! Our trip back to Minneapolis was easy and the little ones were very good.  The graduation party was wonderful, lots of people there, and the quilt was a hit.  The party at Liisa's was fantastic, and I really enjoyed spending some time with my close girlfriends, one of which I hadn't seen for a number of years!  We got home late Sunday, and I have spent the past couple of days recouperating from the chaos. 

Today has been a really lazy day thus far.  Eric is on overnights this week, so I have been trying to keep things quiet and low key for him.  He got up about an hour ago, and will need to return to bed shortly.  This week is gonna be a mess for him as it's his long week, and he has an overtime shift taking up one of his two days off.  I only work on Saturday thus far (but probably Sunday too) and that is ok.  The boys are into their second week of Summer school.  Patrick is reportedly doing well--low A/high B according to him; Rei is struggling.  There are no IEP supports in summer school, but I am still hoping he at least passes math so that he gets the needed credit.

Brie got some lovely clothes at her baby shower at Liisa's, and we brought the crib home with us.  Now we need to get a mattress for it (for some reason I don't remember who I gave my good mattress to).  She spent the night here Sunday night, then immediately Monday morning took off for her boyfriend's house for a few days.  Aurora is just lounging away her break so far, between sleeping in, reading, and hanging out.  The job her and Rei applied for requires them to both be 18 and have driver's licenses to be hired.  Bummer. 

Anyhow, it is starting to storm--thunder and lightening, so I guess I will end this here.  Maybe more later, with pictures (once I get them downloaded).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Tuesday already!

These last days have gone by so quickly!  Alexis is napping at the moment (boo~ it's almost 5 p.m.--can't let her sleep too much longer), and Justin is sitting next to me playing nintendogs on the Nintendo DS (hand held).  Poor kid is crushed--he can't read and donated away three of his dogs that we have had on the game forever! He thought he was putting them in the dog hotel for safekeeping...  And he doesn't have enough money to buy any more.  I told him to just play with the one he has and maybe we can earn money for more (this is all in the game, mind you). 

I've made 5 little outfits for Alexis for her birthday, and she is one happy little girl.  The last set I made were somewhat elaborate, and they bell out as she twirls.  Those seem to be her favorites now.  I worked on Sunday for  5 hours and the kids were watched by Brie and Aurora.  The house was standing when I got home, although dinner wasn't served 'til after 9 (Brie forgot to start dinner in playing outside with chalk), and baths and bedtime were after 10! The kids are bored and restless today as it's rainy and too wet to be outside.  Like puppies, they need to run off their energy, and today isn't a good day to do so.  We have colored, and built, and sewed, but that isn't as energy reducing as riding bikes, playing at the park, or swimming at the pool.  I think I will take Justin for a walk while Alexis snoozes.  It seems hard to believe we are taking them home already on Friday.  They have been a wonderful addition to the household and it's gonna be really quiet without them!  I have loved every minute!  Alexis was Grandpa Eric's girl today and gave him all sorts of hugs and loves, along with telling him "I NEED you Grampa Eric!" He just melts!

Brie's new flavor is now back from training in CA and she is enamored.  She took off with him to go back home with him now that we have put a new brake system on her car (to the tune of almost $700!)  She is doing fine, although she is experiencing the normal aches and twinges that come with the baby getting bigger and taking up more room inside that little bitty space...  Rib pain was last night, along with some ligament stretching a few weeks ago.  Skye is making her presence known.  Liisa is having a gathering on Saturday when we are up there for all of us, including an imprompteau baby shower for Brie and Skye.  Should be fun!  Essentially we have the graduation party on Friday night, a party at Liisa's on Saturday night, and then home on Sunday.  It's gonna be a long drive for a short time there, but well worth it. 

Ok, Justin is ready to go, so I guess it's time to go walking!

Friday, June 4, 2010

In the spirit of trying to post more frequently...

I thought I would steal five minutes while I am supposed to be getting dressed again to just say "hi" and update briefly.  The kids continue to be awesome here; very few temper tantrums (little miss gets cranky when she is tired), a few testing moments to see how rules will be enforced, and the normal stuff that comes with preschoolers...  I am still in need of a nap (or at least some dedicated, uninterrupted quiet time), but I am loving every minute of having them here.  The other night at dinner, Alexis looked at Aurora and said "you don't have kids", to which Aurora whole-heartedly agreed.  Then Alexis said "my gram Reina has kids" and Aurora asked her "who are Gram Reina's kids?" Alexis very firmly (almost a "duh" tone of voice), said "WE is her kids!" That just made me giggle!

So far we have been to the park once, the pool twice (the kiddie pool is closed so we have been in the "big pool"; Justin has learned to cannon ball under water, and we bought some floaty devices for them for today that were a hit--water wings and an innertube).We went to the science museum yesterday, and while I found it to be disappointing--less child friendly than I had hoped for and more geared to much older kids--there were still things that were a hit with our little ones, and for the hour and a half we were there was a nice experience.  We have also made a few trips to walmart, the bank, and the bowling alley on base (Justin and Alexis learned to bowl using bumpers and a slide), and the commisary and BX.  It was fun to hear them exclaim over the recognized uniforms similar to what their daddy wears.  We have tried to maintain a regular bedtime schedule for them (and me!) with them in bed at 9 each night, although it was almost 10 last night.  Alexis gets up around 6-6:30 each morning... 

The big kids have been done with school since Tuesday morning and that has only added to the chaos around here, mostly in a fun way, although we keep running out of dishes, and no one except me seems to know how to wash them...  Anyhow that is the scoop from around here.  I work tomorrow from 1 til 6 and the kids will be in charge of my little ones while I am gone for those 6 hours (12:30 til 7 or so).  I know they will do just fine with them!

Now to decide what to make for dinner...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I need a nap!

Tony and Andrea got here around 2:30 am on Sunday morning; the kids were wide-eyed and bushy-tailed for a bit, then we finally got the house settled around 4.  We were up bright and early Sunday morning, and send Tony and Andrea on their way by 10 am.  The kids have been wonderful for me, but man, oh man, these little people are busy!  I get them into bed somewhere around 9-9:30, and they are up by 7.  No sleeping in for me!  We have done some errands with them, and this afternoon we went to the pool for a couple hours.  The little kid's pool is closed right now (awaiting new drain covers to be up to code), so the little ones played in the big pool with the big kids--Aurora, Rei, and Ryan.  Justin is just tall enough to stand on his tip-toes in the water, and he discovered enough courage to cannonball into the pool (so that he goes completely underwater). Alexis is not tall enough to touch bottom, so she clung to me the entire time she was in the pool.  My back is now sore from carrying her around and swimming her.  I really could use a nap!  I had hoped to get the little ones down for a rest this afternoon, but no dice on that.  I also tried to run away and come upstairs to man my emails and blog, but Alexis is right here next to me.

We have made her two dresses, including disney princesses ribbon around the waists of both of them.  She is thrilled, although both are dirty at the moment and she has to wear an "old" dress she brought down.  Justin cracks me up cuz he tells everyone "my family dropped me 'n my sister off here in Mascoutah; we are from Minnesota." like they were strays or something.  He is such a riot!  We were highly entertained to discover that Rei is taller than Tony too, but about a half to three-quarters of an inch.  Tony can still take him down, but Rei is definitely taller now.  Quite honestly, having these little ones here isn't really all that much work--they entertain themselves, they are very good, and they are happy kids; they just are talkative and busy and man, sometimes I just need a break!  I don't have near enough energy to keep up with them!  I am loving every minute of it though, and wouldn't change a thing.

Oooopppps...  Alexis needs a diaper.  Breaktime is over!