Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mid February!

For those who didn't hear (lol), my diploma arrived and I am thrilled. I hope to frame it, and someday have an office space in which to display it. The job hunt continues, and my hope is to get into some place where I can do active counseling under supervision (like an internship) so that I become eligible for licensure. I keep plugging away at the listings, and pray God has a plan for me. In the meantime, I am having convoluted dreams about my previous job at the treatment center, where former kids, former coworkers, and total strangers float in and out of my consciousness, never quite sure what my role is, or why I am there again. Even the locals and physical environments are not as they were, despite my somehow "knowing" that is what or where I am, telling me even when dreaming I am searching for something that continues to elude me.

We had the pleasure of Skye ( and Brie's) company over the weekend while Brie had drill and drill related activities. She was just a pistol all weekend, and we played "born baby" with dolls (or her) in the starring role, danced, sewed, made cookies (which she thoroughly enjoyed helping make), and watched movies, read books, and snuggled lots. We attempted to FaceTime with Oma and with Auntie Kris one afternoon (Auntie Liisa was working) but no one was available, and she kept this grandma-mom hopping! I was exhausted when she went home, but had such fun being with her. Rei and his girlfriend spent some time entertaining her as well, but Aurora was at a bowling tournament all weekend, and Eric worked, so it was mostly lil miss and me. I feel thoroughly well-loved!

I am thankful I had a flu shot this year, but am fussing with some bug--stiff joints, headachey pressure, and chills off and on. Not enough to take to my bed, but enough to feel "off". Blech! Aurora has a cold she picked up at the tournament, but fortunately we have been healthy here otherwise. Patrick continues to work limited hours, and his girlfriend has started back at school two days a week at the community college. It's progress! Aurora's class schedule has limited her work schedule, so she has only enough hours to keep her on their roster. Given the rest of her activities that is ok though, and she is a busy girl.

I have to admit to having a horrid case of cabin fever. I have been working on a variety of projects to distract myself, but as satisfying as they are, I feel stuck. I cannot wait for spring to really be here so I can at least open up the windows and get outside! I am trying to be patient, but it's hard. 

Anyway, that's the latest from around here. Hope everyone else is staying warm, healthy, and active!