Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I really have not done any decorating for the day/night/season as yet, because of all the rain we have had, but since it is supposedly done, I will tidy the front and put out some decorations when I get home from work.  I am doing a demo from 11 - 1 pm on making a "hairpin lace" scarf (looks like a loopy boa).  Our area got hit fairly hard from flash flooding and the rains--both entrances to our neighborhood from the air force base were closed due to water on the road from the creek(s) flooding, and Eric watched one car floating off the road who tried to run it; he ended up going back out onto the freeway and around the airport to get back to our house after grocery shopping!  So glad he decided to drive me to work yesterday and pick me up: we saw one car in the ditch in the treeline who had apparently hydroplaned off the interstate and into the water (this was in the rain on my way to work).  The water levels are starting to drop around here, but there still is very little place for the water to really go.

Eric did go with me yesterday to pick out some new glasses.  I actually bought 3 pair.  One pair is a dedicated reader (single presription) and I am dumbfounded at how clearly I can again see things to read close up--may not even need my maginfier for cross stitching for awhile!  The other 2 were clearance pairs (50% off) as well, so I did buy 2 for daily wear--a pair and a spare!  The woman who helped us agreed that with the strengths of my prescriptions it's better I not be without a backup pair, and given I wear them 16-18 hours each and every day, it's nice to have a backup so I can change them at up at whim.  I did get the anti-reflective coating put on them too, so I am excited to see how that will impact my night driving.  They should be ready in a week or so.  Part of me felt guilty for spending the money (I had it in my savings) but as Eric said, it is my vision, and I need to be able to see clearly to do all that I do (reading, school work, handwork).  As much as I feel a bit self-indulgent (there is a time not-so-long-ago I would have bought just one pair, at the cheapest possible rate I could get away with, no bells or whistles to them), and that side of me is pinching a bit, I am so excited to have them.  I have already made use of the readers and I like them a lot.  (The only drawback is they do close work only and the distance is blurred if I look up to check out the tv or something... But once I have the bifocals, that won't be an issue if I want to multi-task!).

Eric is off with the boys to the bowling alley, and I am going to finish up this week's assignments for class.  Then I am off to work as well. I am sure hoping we see some peeks of sunlight today.  They say it's supposed to be dry, but I really need sunlight too!  Then it will be home for chores and to ready for the trick or treaters!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just a quick update...

I saw the eye doctor today and my distance vision needed a correction in my right eye, and my close vision (in the bifocal) needed strengthening in my left eye.  I have a new prescription and I hope Eric will be willing to go with me to get new glasses ordered.  I found a pair at the eye doctor that I fell in love with, but given the frames by themselves are $359, and the progressive lenses will be around $250, I am guessing that won't be on the list of priorities.  The doc did agree that I should consider getting a pair of readers to just keep at my bedside for reading or stitching, and I may do that just because...  He also recommended getting an anti-reflective coating put on my new lenses so that it minimizes some of the glare when driving at night.  I may try that too, given all the driving I now do.

Work has settled down a little bit, now that one of our major sales is over.  I like it steadily busy, but the rain we have had has drown out our business!  I am so tired of rain.  Walking in the grass is like walking in a marsh--you hear the water squelch under your feet, and if barefooted, actually sink into the muck!  The creeks near us have overflowed their banks, the reservoir is high, and the ditches look like small creeks.  Many fields are flooded, and we have a number of local farmers that have not yet brought in crops because the ground is so over saturated.  We are supposed to have rain the better part of the next few days, with an expected total of 2-4 more inches...  I am just really tired of how gloomy it is outside, and how dim it can be inside.  Not to mention chilly and damp.  It feels like we never completely dry out (shoes, hoodies, umbrellas...)  I almost envy Colorado it's snow--at least that is managable (lol); for me anyhow!

Justin and Alexis got their Halloween treat bags from us this week, and I am so glad they like them.  I can't wait to see pics of them in costume: Alexis is gonna be Tinkerbell, and Justin is gonna be Peter Pan.  Tony is safely back from Idaho, and is home for a bit.  I am glad he is staying put for at least a little while.  It would be sad if he had to miss trick-or-treating with the kids.  Which reminds me, I need to still get candy....  Actually, we need a whole grocery shopping trip this weekend!

Anyhow, that is what is new today.  Am so wishing it was warm and sunny!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's been over a week since I last wrote...

It's because depression has been kicking my butt to a certain extent.  Part of it is the season, part of it is the weather, part of it is hormones, part of it is stress, part of it is anniversaries of the heart, part of it is just me being me...  I have focused on doing the things that need to be done--schoolwork (which is going very well by the way; I have gotten amazingly positive feedback from my instructor), working, and meeting the basic obligations of the kids and Eric, but the rest has gone by  the wayside.  I really haven't stitched anything of significance in a couple of weeks (although I did get my second sock finished and it is very nice, and I have started crocheting a tunic for a christmas gift), I have been working on reading a library book for over 2 weeks, and  I haven't done much for chores around here other than the necessities.  So what have I done? Watched mindless tv, played on facebook, focused heavily on my schoolwork... 

Not to worry, I am seeing my doctor in a couple of weeks for a med recheck; I had the labs all drawn on Tuesday morning, and I am going to ask her about adding back a med I used to take (but haven't for about 2 years now) that had been helpful to me.  I am not dangerously depressed on any level, and my old psychiatrist told me I just have a chemical imbalance that sometimes needs tweaking when things shift significantly for me.  I am self-aware enough to know that I am not functioning at my best right now, and I also know that since my other coping skills are no longer picking up the slack for me mood-wise, it's time to tweak my meds.  I do know my hormones are shifting (stupid perimenopause...) and that increased depression can be a side effect of it.  I have plenty of support and resources so it's not a "need for therapy" issue.  It's strictly chemical as far as I can see.  Until then, I have let Eric know why I have been so withdrawn and almost isolative (or needy in turn) and he is great about all of it, why I have been so emotional/tearful at points, or cranky/crabby, and he is very understanding and supportive, if a bit confused.  And in the meantime, I am turning on lots of lights to combat the dreariness of the weather and the constant rain we have had, I am travelling the websites and blogs I enjoy to get psyched about my projects again, and I am trying to limit my time online otherwise to schoolwork, checking my farmville farm (and facebook), and doing other things.  I know activity is important, and I will probably try to start going to the gym again on a regular basis to naturally boost my seratonin levels and increase my sense of well-being.  Unfortunately of late it just "feels easier" to sit on my bed at home and coccoon...  Not a good thing right now.

So I have spent part of this morning on the phone setting up appointments.  I need to get my eyes rechecked because I am finding I have a hard time with sustained reading or close handwork.  The handwork has been dealt with by using my wonderful magnifier on my Ott light, but the reading part is sucking when I have to read textbooks, highlight, and review...  I have an eye appointment actually for tomorrow afternoon (they had an opening) and I *may* need to get a dedicated pair of reading glasses because what I think is happening is my vision field on the reading part of my bifocals isn't big enough for reading textbooks (my glasses are progressives--no line bifocals) and I get into that zone where it switches.  I need new glasses anyway--my primary pair are all scratched up.  It's been almost 2 years since my last appointment, so I guess I am due.

I also got Reimond's appointment set up for his follow-up ecchocardiogram and EKG with the cardiologist for the end of November.  Time to get his pulmonary fistula rechecked.  The assumption is there has been no change, so I am not terribly tweaked about it.  It's just something that has to be done.  It has been there in the back of my mind though.  We are coming up on the anniversary of my dad's death on the 7th and I have been really missing him of late.  Sunday was a bad day for me because we were singing some old swedish hymns, played on the piano, and it brought back so many childhood memories of singing around the piano with my extended family--my grandmothers and great-grandma, aunts and uncles, my dad. We would sing them in English, then switch to Finn for those who knew the words (my dad would sing harmony often) and I can picture Mummu sitting with her eyes closed nodding her head with the music, a peaceful smile on her face.  It made me terribly homesick for my mom, my family, my dad.  In talking to my mom yesterday I said most of the time it feels like 15 years ago, and it doesn't bother me at all, but then there are days when it is so real, so vivid, and so painful it feels like it was just yesterday.  Sunday was one of those days.  Reimond was named for my dad, and is like him in many ways; I want to be sure his heart is strong and healthy.

On the homefront beyond me and my moodiness, things are fairly status quo.  The new term has started for the kids; we should have report cards in a few days.  Aurora and the cross country team run in sectionals on Saturday, then we have to set it up that she can ride with another family from the meet to a marching band competition and parade three hours from where the cross country meet is being held.  Which reminds me, I need to write her a note of permission, as I don't think Eric has done so...  Aurora is supposed to be going to her mother's for the weekend next weekend (her birthday), and she is NOT wanting to go.  She will not be running in the state cross country meet, although Mascoutah will be sending a couple of runners (we are assuming); she does apparently have a "model UN" event that she has to attend on that Thursday I believe, but at this point her mom is planning to pick her up Wednesday after school (no school Thursday or Friday), and keep her until Sunday.  Eric cannot pick her up on that Sunday because he is working that weekend (and is back on overnights).  I have asked Aurora repeatedly to talk to her mom about what is going on and to see if there can be arrangements made that suit both, but she hasn't called her.  Personally (and this is gonna be uncomfortable to say) I believe Aurora should go.  She really doesn't have anything pressing other than the Model UN thing going on, and if her mom is willing to work around that, then she should go.  I have fully supported her staying home when there have been scheduled school activities that take priority, but in this case, her weekend is pretty open, other than the transportation issue.  My guess is I will be working too over the weekend, as I have been scheduled for most weekends, and we start our holiday extended hours on Sunday Nov. 1st.    I really feel for Aurora in her ambivalence, but I don't necessarily support it in all circumstances. I really do think she should spend some time with her mom, and that it's important to do so for both of them.  As my mom often said about Jim's mom, she loves her kids dearly, even if she doesn't always show it the way we would have her do it.  She is their mom, and she needs to be treated with respect.

Patrick is working some extra hours here and there and is loving having a paycheck, although we are not sure where he is at academically.  we decided to give him this first quarter to sink or swim.  Based on his report card, we will revise accordingly.  Brie is still not working; she said she is going to go to work for the National Guard, doing something in their human resources department, but when (or if) that takes place is up in the air.  She is going to be gone on a drill weekend next weekend (first weekend in November), and she *thinks* it'll get figured out around then.  She has been working on cleaning her room a bit at a time, and she is making some progress...  You can see the closet floor from what I have heard (I have not been in there as yet), but from the door it still looks like a tornado hit.  Still, the boy's room doesn't look much better and I really need to start riding them too...  Reimond goes in cycles, in that he wants to clean it, then he doesn't.  Last time he totally cleaned it Patrick got upset because Rei wasn't careful with his things or putting them away as he'd like (Rei just boxed 'em up or stacked them) and yet when we have encouraged Patrick to take care of his own part of the mess (so it is done as HE would like), he hasn't done a thing...  Very frustrating!

I have put the oven on "Autoclean" and it sure does smell something fierce in here.  I have opened the kitchen window a tad to help air things out, and I have my bedroom window open a bit too (about 6").  Once that is done I will work on cleaning off the counters etc. and getting my kitchen back in order.  But first, it is time to get my homework assignment written and posted.  So I guess that is my cue to get going...  I will try to post more frequently again in the coming month.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Eric came home from work last night and took me to the base Arts and Crafts Show (and reception). We got there later (around 7:10) and it was almost over, but I couldn't get there any earlier as Eric had our only running vehicle and he had to work.  The person who was handing out programs didn't give me my name tag (I had to go find it), and the food was mostly gone; most disappointing though, was that neither of my entries won any thing.  I think they were comparable to anything entered, and at least this year, those that won ribbons and honorable mentions were for the most part "worthy" of them (in my opinion), although the 2nd place winner was too avant garde for my tastes.  The blue ribbon went to a memory quilt that had family heirlooms tacked on to it, and the third place winner was a paper-pieced framed nativity scene; one honorable mention was a cross stitched piece from a photograph (last year all the winners were of this genre), and the other was a second machine appliqued/quilted art piece.  Otherwise neither stitchery, knitting, nor weaving got any recognition.  Now I realize that they have to have broad categories because if it is too narrow they won't have many entries, or they will be giving out too many awards, but still...  It is hard to know what the judging criteria is when you are going up against so many others of different genres and techniques.  Eric mentioned that his impression this year is that all the winners were "BIG" in scale.  If it was smaller/smallish, it was like it didn't even register on the radar. 

So I was disappointed that I didn't win anything, despite entering some very good work, and I am left to wonder what exactly the judges are looking for in making their determinations.  In the few times I have entered things in the past, at least there is a score card of sorts that the judges list their comments and feedback on; I would have appreciated that.  And I was also disappointed that my pieces were hung low on the walls, so they were harder to see, and it looked to me like my Advent Kalendar Winter Scene had been folded in half--it had a clear crease in the middle of it--and I had ironed it to a crisp flatness before I entered it.  That made me a little sad too, and even Eric noticed it.  Maybe I am putting too much stock in entering things through this, and need to consider doing more along the lines of the county or state fair level... 

I still have not heard back yet from Restoff's.  I brought my van to them on Thursday after work (as when I got to work the whole front end was steaming, and I had poured a half gallon of antifreeze into it before heading to work); I put almost another half gallon of antifreeze in before heading to the shop, and they said my heater hose was leaking badly...  They also suggested that I change out my other hoses to the radiator as they all looked rough and were still original to the vehicle, so we agreed to do that as well.  They said they would call us first thing Monday morning when it was done; it's now Tuesday and I still haven't heard from them.  I guess I will need to call them this morning.  Regardless, we cannot pick it up until tomorrow anyhow, because I have no way to get there while it is open, but Eric is off tomorrow (after school).

Eric and I are a little disappointed with Brie too.  She went out on Saturday night with Reimond and a friend and got a new tattoo, right along the side of her neck, just behind her left ear.  The tattoo itself is not bad looking, but where it sits is very obvious.  She designed it herself, and is quite proud of it.  The catch is, she didn't tell us she was going to get it before she left (although the kids knew, and I suspected, especially after Rei started pushing me about wanting to get his lip pierced).  She has not been back to work as yet, although she did do national guard drill on Saturday (and reported in by phone on Sunday, so she'd get credit for "attendance"--they had no work to do on Sunday), nor has she paid any of her bills.  She says her friend paid for the tattoo for her, and that is why she got it.  I must be getting old, because I just don't see the appeal of it, and in my experience, tattoos on necks or hands tend to be gang-related, not for decoration... 

I am disappointed in myself as well.  I have a list of things I need to be accomplishing about a mile long, and I am no where near the beginning of it, let alone close to finishing it.  Lately I have started one thing, only to be caught up in another, or short of things to complete the third...  You know how it goes!  I had so much I wanted to get done though on these past few days off of mine (Monday thru Wednesday), and with Eric working yesterday and today, it seemed ideal to be crossing stuff off...  GGRrrrrr!  Maybe today will be more productive, and I still have tomorrow as well (I work Thursday thru Saturday).

On a positive note, Eric and I did have a nice weekend.  We went out to dinner, just the two of us, to Olive Garden on Saturday night (Aurora was at the homecoming dance, Patrick was working, and Rei and Brie were out with her friend).  We enjoyed a nice bottle of Reisling wine, and I absolutely love the Shrimp Messaluna (half moon style raviolies filled with a mix of 4 cheeses, in a creamy wine sauce).  It was sooooo yummy!  We also had the requisite salad and bread sticks, and we ordered Bruchetta for an appetizer (again, so very tasty!).  Sunday I enjoyed watching what I could of the Viking's game on TV (network no less!), and am so pleased we are 6-0...  It was a close one on Sunday from what I understand, and Eric claims I jinxed them by bragging too early about the huge lead we had as I left for work...  Oh well, they still won.

Time to start in on my list for the day.  I hope to be more productive than yesterday, so that I can start my next entry with "Success" instead of  "Disappointment"...

Friday, October 16, 2009

I forgot to mention...

I did haul my butt into the clinic for a once-over before heading out to MN and was diagnosed with a bad sinus infection.  They sent me home on antibiotics, a narcotic cough syrup/decongestant, an inhalor (for the chest tightness), and a nasal spray (for the swollen passages).  I took everything dutifully, and am happy to report I feel 200% better!  I did need the inhalor a bit in MN, especially after being at the bonfire most of last Saturday, but as the week wore on here at home I improved greatly and now feel wonderful again.

I also wanted to mention that Patrick did a really nice job trying to arrange things so that he could honor his marching band commitment at tonight's homecoming game with his work commitment, and even almost had it figured out, but alas, he ended up needing to go into work, as there was no one available to cover for him over the dinner rush, which takes place over the same time he needed to be reporting at the school.  So he is working tonight instead of marching, but he knew that was a possibility.  I just hope his band director is more understanding than his younger sister is about this.  We had drizzle about an hour ago, but now, despite the wet ground, it looks like the sun is trying to peek through the clouds; I hope it clears for the game tonight.  Otherwise it's gonna be a miserable homecoming for the kids...

I really should be studying right now...

but I finally got my photos uploaded onto my laptop and I really wanted to share them with you.  So, without further ado, here are pictures from the last couple of weeks (primarily last weekend), with some narrative beside them...  This is our new tree, in all it's fall glory, taken on a perfect October day!  I love how vibrant the red is!

This is Miss Alexis wearing her "fairy princess skirt" I made her out of tulle--white glitter tulle (I apologize profusely to Liisa and Andrea both for the glittery sparkles that got everywhere from it!)  She loved it so much she had to wear it right away, and even wore it to bed that night!
Here is Master Justin playing on the Wii with Aunt Liisa--who taught him how to bowl, box, and play golf (he didn't do so well at Tennis though).
Kids in motion--Alexis loved to dance in her skirt and Justin was enjoying the activity that goes with the Wii controller...
This is what we woke up to on Saturday morning, prior to leaving for Princeton and the Lawn Tractor party...
Everything was such a lovely white!
This is my favorite spot on Jesse's land--it's peaceful and comfortable, and I love the views: looking north up the Rum River (which runs through the back half of his land),and looking south down the river...

Rei, Sydney, and Alex, trying to warm up some by the propane stove in the garage...  Liisa set the Wii up on the tv facing the couch and Justin spent most of his time at the party playing on that...
Justin and his "Cousins/girlfriends"...  He loves them to pieces, and has really enjoyed spending time with them when I have been in town to create family gatherings!
This is what we woke up to Monday morning, before leaving to head back to Mascoutah...
There was so much wet, heavy snow that we even had to scrape the windshields, and the snow was "waterfalling" off the branches when it got heavier than the branches could hold...  Rei and I got nailed waiting at Andrea's for her to open the door and let us in...
Rei decided to crawl through this crawling tube of the little ones, and he got stuck; Alexis first grabbed two handfuls of hair and said "I save you Uncle Rei," then pulled with all her might; she then grabbed his hand and yanked for dear life.  When he got out of it finally, she proudly announced she had "helpt to rescue" him!  I laughed til I cried!
Brie took this pic of us up at the lawn tractor party.  She was so much fun that weekend!  We went to the Mall of America, we went to visit family, and we hung out with friends; she even drove part (okay most) of the way there, because the rain we had on the way north, combined with night driving, and my being tired was causing my eyes to act funky and I was struggling with a halo effect from the lights.  She did very well, and I must say, her driving training over the summer is showing through!

The drive home was terrible: we initially had heavy wet snow, then blizzard-like conditions through southeastern MN and northwestern IA, then rain through much of IA; by the time we got to the MO border it had settled down to just being damp and muggy, but dry.  All in all we made decent time though, and were home in exactly 10 hours from when we left Liisa's, despite a few potty stops and one gas and then meal stop.  I was glad to be home again, and my honey had missed me while I was gone this trip.

I had a wonderful time being "home" in MN again, and leaving was bitter-sweet.  Eric got sick over the weekend (bad cold) and he wanted me home, and Justin got sick with a cold too; when I told Justin I needed to go home to take care of Grandpa Eric, he announced I needed to stay and take care of him cuz he was sick and "mommy don't know how to take care of me!" (what a little bugger, trying to guilt me into staying!)  He then tried to convince Rei and I to wait for him while he packed and found his shoes and sweater so he could come home with us!  Bless his heart, I miss him so much!

I met up with a girlfriend I haven't seen for 10 years or better for brunch on Sunday and that was so wonderful--it was like the years had never passed us by; and my friend Ann came up to the land to party with us, also very fun.  I saw my family; that was most important of all to me...  so I came home content.

School is going well for me, although I really do need to get my essay written that is due today.  As far as the rest of the family is doing, Eric is feeling much better; his cold ran it's course really quickly and he was only sick for a few days.  Aurora is excited that the cross country season is doing well and while she isn't setting any records, she is enjoying running.  Rei got a B+ (amazing) on a major project he had to do for his communications project, and other than Brie helping him with his posters (she did the lettering on them) he did it on his own with his partners; Patrick is working many hours (he is picking up extras here and there) and is liking the paychecks...  We think school is going ok--but I haven't checked grades in a while...  Brie still has not set things up to go back to work, and despite gentle nudges from Eric and I is finding herself in no hurry to return to working...  She has some drill weekends coming up and she is not necessarily looking forward to them, although she does like the paychecks.  Eric picked up an extra OT shift today, but says he is focusing on homework too this weekend...  And I was supposed to work today but my van is in the shop cuz it was overheating something fierce and leaking antifreeze...  sounds like it is just a bad heater hose that is leaking but I have not heard back from the shop about it.  That shouldn't be too expensive to repair.

I entered my two projects in the Arts and Crafts show on base, and I hope they do well.  It starts on the 19th and I am really excited to go to it this year. 

Anyhow, that is all I have for today.  I was naughty and didn't go to the high school's homecoming parade today--it's just too chilly and ugly out to walk and stand outside for any extended time; not sure what the kids are gonna do about the game tonight--Aurora has to march, Patrick is working, and I have no idea if Brie and/or Rei will go to the football game.  Tomorrow night is the dance, and Aurora is planning to go with girlfriends I guess, and while Rei has been invited by a few girls, he is on the fence about going and is leaning towards staying home...  I am working on him though--I think he should go!

Okay, now I am done!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mid-week slump?

It's Wednesday, and I have my first assignment due by midnight tonight, a posting comparing and contrasting some psychotherapy methods we read about in our textbook.  I am almost done with the reading, but am taking it a bit slow because I cannot shake this sinus headache and tight chest.  In fact, I am off to the clinic in about 40 minutes or so to get checked out--I believe it has become a sinus infection for sure, and I am a little concerned that my chest still feels so tight and I get easily short of breath.  I don't have asthma per-se, but I did get bronchitis a lot as a teen and young adult, and in recent years have needed an inhalor at random times after bad colds...  I am feeling better, just am tired of these dregs hanging on (and I am guessing Eric is tired of my whining). 

Patrick got his first paycheck, and it was a healthy one, heehee.  We went to the bank yesterday to open him a couple of accounts (savings and checking), but his military ID has expired and he doesn't have a driver's license, so that is on the agenda for today--Eric will run him on base and get a current ID for the boy so he can open his accounts.  Right now that check is burning a hole in his pocket because as a piece of paper it does him little good.  I *think* he is doing ok keeping up on homework etc. with working, but we'll see.  He too has a cough that is bugging him off and on, and if it continues, I may drag his butt in to get it listened to also!  Brie still hasn't done much about checking in with KK that I am aware of.  She is now planning to go to MN with Rei and I this weekend, so that should be fun.  Perhaps we can have a few conversations about her plans etc. somewhere on the drive.  She seems to be doing ok, but just seems content to be home and not do much else (other than hang with friends when they are available).  I would like to see her add some structure to her days.

Aurora is winding up the cross country season.  She now thinks she has shin splints, as her calves are bugging her when she runs.  Poor kid can't win for losing!  She had a big meet yesterday, and she runs again on Saturday, so she and Patrick will both be home with Eric.  Should be a quiet weekend for her, with Eric and Patrick both working for much of it. 

The dog frustrations continue to a small degree, this time with Leina.  She ate three-quarters of a pizza on Friday night.  It was in it's box, on the kitchen table, awaiting the kids' getting home from the football game (along with Gyros, which were on the island).  She helped herself to it between Eric putting Po outside and bringing him back in; he found the box and one small slice on the floor in front of the kitchen door, and Leina put herself in her kennel...  She also ate the three remaining pitas that we were saving for the kids... (they were on top of the styrofoam container with the meat in it).  She has also trashed the trash on almost a daily basis if the kids leave the pantry door open, and she is being really naughty!  I am surprised she isn't sick from all she has eaten!  It's so frustrating!  Eric and I are at our wit's end trying to figure out how to counter the naughtiness!

Work is really picking up of late, and my shifts are steadily busy.  I have not been as lucky with my teaching; students just are not signing up for my class offerings at the times I am offering them.  I have set my schedule for January and February now, and I hope I get some takers.  I am also picking up spur of the moment classes as there is a need.  Which reminds me, I also need to get my entries ready for the arts and craft show on base--the deadline for entries is Friday and I have a few things I want to enter.

Anyhow, that is what is going on around here.  Brie, Rei, and I will leave for MN on Thursday, after Rei gets home from school, and we will be back Monday evening, around 10 pm or so.  I probably won't post anything more until then, but I will have my laptop with me, so we'll see...

Friday, October 2, 2009

First Friday in October...

and it actually feels like an October day.  It's relatively bright outside, but the breeze is cool and there is a definite nip in the air.  I am starting to feel punk again, and I am not sure if my cold, which was getting better (although my voice is still rough) is moving into my chest now, or my sinuses are infected (I have a sinus headache), or I am just being a whiner...  I still have laryngitis and drainage, so I know I am not over the cold completely, and Wednesday when I did some chores I got easily winded and worn out, but I worked my shift yesterday without too much difficulty and I really was feeling better than today.  Today though, my chest is tight, the cough is not necessarily letting up, and my head aches.  Bah!

Brianne had a friend who had been at AIT with her show up on our doorstep on Wednesday from Virginia; he drove here and stayed a few nights.  Today he and Brie drove back to Ft. Leonardwood for the graduation today, and Brie just sent a text saying she was in St. Louis and would take the metro back later, so our guess is he headed back towards home, and Brie is/has met up with others who were headed for the airport and is hanging out with them for a bit.  My understanding is that she is going to be talking to her boss at KK next week to get back on the schedule, but we are going to need to figure out the transportation issues between her, Eric, and I all working and needing transportation.  It will be nice to see her get back into a routine again as she seems sorta lost right now. 

Patrick is getting ready for work and he's kinda bumming because he has to work tonight (he was expected to march at the half-time show).  He did take the band schedule to work with him yesterday so they now have an idea of nights he needs off for school related events, and he and Aurora are in a band competition at McKendree College tomorrow with the marching band.  Aurora is excited because she gets to go to bowling in the morning and this will be her first morning there since the season started.  Eric will also get to be there, his first Saturday off since the league season started for the kids.  It should be fun.  I may stay home as I work 5-10 tomorrow night and I am really trying to get healthy again; I also work Sunday from 1 - 7. 

I am planning a trip to Minneapolis next weekend for the kid's long weekend off from school.  Aurora is planning to stay home with Eric because she has a meet on Saturday morning, and Patrick has to work so he too will be home; Rei and I are the only ones going I guess, but it is important to us to be there because it is Jesse's birthday party celebration and his 4th annual lawn tractor races and party.  It will be Rei's first time home since we were up there for the 4th, and I know the babies will be excited to see him (Alexis adores him).  As much as I dread the drive, I am appreciative of the freedom having the vehicle with me gives me.  I know I was just up there, and I know that Alexis is healing up well, but this will give me the opportunity to visit and see people I missed seeing last time I was there, as well as check up on her. 

Eric and I went out this morning and got haircuts.  I had asked for just a trim and the girl said she felt I should take off about 3 inches.  By the time she was done I was almost back to shoulder length hair (it's just a bit longer than that) and she had  turned "long layers" into a shag style cut.  I am not sure that I like it, but we'll see.  As I have always said, it grows...  We then met up with our new pastor for coffee, and we had such a lovely visit, three hours had passed before we were saying our goodbyes.  She is a lovely young woman, and she has some good ideas about bringing people into the congregation.  I really enjoyed meeting with her, and I look forward to seeing what is to come. 

I have found a new addiction on Facebook.  Liisa, among others, has gotten me playing Farmville, a stupid little game where you create and build a farm lot for yourself, growing and sustaining crops, trees, and animals.  Many members of my family are also on farmville and there is something inherently rewarding about planting, growing, and harvesting things, while watching your coins, acreage, and holdings grow.  Eric laughs at me because I am on it more than I play Everquest these days, and I have to say, what I like most about it is it is primarily solitary, but has interactive components.  And unlike real life, things grow over the course of days rather than months, so there is some immediate gratification involved.

My financial aid package has all come through and been accepted, so I will be officially starting class on Monday.  It is online rather than brick and mortar, but in my opinion, I have learned more through this online program that I did in college, where I attended classes.  I am a self-starter and a motivated learner, so I do well with reading the texts, supplementing knowledge through research, and I really like writing papers/essays, so this is ideal for me.  The class is "Current Theories in Psychotherapy" and I think it will be interesting.  I am looking forward to beginning.  My next hurdle will be finding an internship site.  That may be a bit more challenging.  I just need to take it one step at a time.

I think it is time for me to set my laptop aside for a bit and maybe read, knit or stitch.  My headache isn't letting up much and I need to just let my mind rest a bit (sleep is not really an option this late in the day--or I will never sleep tonight).