Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Graduation day for Reimond and happy birthday to me!

Reimond's graduation went off without a hitch, and we had a hot, humid day for it. Thankfully the gymnasium was air conditioned so the poor kids didn't melt. Rei wore his dress pants, dress shirt, tie, and robes, but I let him wear his Avengers shoes in place of dress shoes, because they represent him.
This is him in his assigned seat after the procession in;
This is the entire graduating class;
He is Reimond getting his diploma from the Vice President of the school board, who happens to be the father of a friend of his and asked to have the group Reimond was in;
Me and Liisa before the graduation--I should have used her hair spray as her curls stayed immaculate, while mine very nicely fell apart (pout);
Reimond and I post ceremony (the odd thing sticking up is his hanger from his robes);
And, Reimond with two of his good friends.

Jim, Liisa, and Zack came down on Thursday afternoon and were here thru Sunday. We had a lovely time with them, and spent time grilling, visiting, and getting ready for the ceremony. We also took them on a tour to the Anheiser Busch brewery on Friday, along with Brie, James, the babies, and Patrick. It was a fun outing! Just wish we had had more time to do the touristy stuff.

My birthday was yesterday and I am now officially on the other side of the hill at 51. Eric made me a nice breakfast, we played some Everquest, and we had a quiet morning. Then, we went and did some browsing of some local places, followed by a late lunch and a movie. We saw the new Star Trek movie, and it was really fun. For the first time I was able to watch and enjoy a movie in 3d, something I have never done before (and it was really cool!).  We didn't know about the tornado in Oklahoma until we got home, and we followed some of the coverage on tv. We had some thunderstorms they the night that were loud, but nothing too bad, and today has been gloomy.

I talked to my academic advisor today at Capella, and I am registered for my class beginning July 8th.  I have also been working on getting ready for our trip north tomorrow. We are taking two of Rei's friends with us (in the picture above) for his party, while aurora stays home because she is dog sitting, and had a job interview today at a local kennel; and Patrick and his friend also stays home because of other commitments.  Brie, James, and Skye are also not going (unless something changes) because they are in LA on a work-related trip and their trip north would become 19 hours long... It'll be sad they can't be with us but they were all here for the party we had on Saturday after the ceremony.

That's all that's new since I last blogged, and I will post more pictures after we get home.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I have been working on:

These are photos of finished projects and other things I have been working on lately: