Friday, October 29, 2010

It's difficult to find computer time with a baby!

I forgot on some level how time consuming babies can be!  Skye sleeps, eats, and needs to be changed on her schedule, not mine, and we are in the process of trying to develop a routine that works for both of us.  It sure has cut down on my internet time though, and knitting anything complicated has moved to a back burner during the day.  Brie is working a guarenteed 40 hours a week, and she actually went in for an extra 5 hours today because they needed help.  She's on her way home now, then she wants me to go with to Skye's 2 month physical.  I'm ok with helping out, but I have a lot of my own things I need/want to do too.  I have a number of Christmas gifts I want to continue working on, and they too take time to do the way I want them done.

I have been really concerned over the past few days over my nephew Colin.  He had been sick with a headache and extremely high fever for a few days, and they thought it was a virus; when the temp stayed in the 104 degree range, they took him in, then over to the ER.  He has viral meningitis.  They did send him home, with pain meds for the head and back ache, and strong ibuprofen for the fever.  Kristi said his fever is more manageable today, but he still aches terribly, and has the chills.  Poor kid!  Like my boys, he is tall and skinny, with no extra body fat at all, and things hit him hard.  My son Anthony had this too about a month and a half ago; not sure where or how they have picked something so serious up!  Kristi said she is wiping down all community surfaces with bleach wipes to sterilize anything he might have come in contact with at home so he doesn't pass it on to anyone else.

Eric is a bit perturbed with me.  Aurora needs a sports physical for the high school bowling season, and that starts Monday, so I had suggested he take her this morning. He wanted me to take her, but between babysitting (didn't want to take the baby with to the Minute Clinic at Walgreens and expose her to "sick people"), and her doctor's appt this afternoon, it would be around 3-4 before I could run her over.  He does have homework to do, which he has procrastinated on doing, and of course, when I suggested he just take Aurora and go now, he said "but I was just about to start my homework!" I know he needs to get this done, but I am getting frustrated with everything taking precedence to his studies, then him getting mad when he cannot get things done "last minute" because other things do come up.  I am only one person, and I can't do everything, including manage his time for him.  This is such a sticky point between us, and I have to leave it be.  I am also doing my best NOT to feel guilty for not taking Aurora earlier in the morning or later this afternoon but it's hard.

Speaking of school, I have decided to add a subspecialty to my program, that of Child and Adolescence.  It means an additional 5 classes, but it will help buy time towards getting an internship site set up and allow me to maintain my active student status.  I really do hate the way they have the practicum program set up, and I also hate how limited some of my options are around here for finding a site that meets the stringent requirements Capella has.  I figure this is the best of all possible options, and then, if a practicum site is still not in the cards for me, I will switch my degree over to counselling psych from clinical, just to have it done.

I owe a few people some cards and/or emails for their various birthdays this month, but life has been so wild around here trying to get things figured out that I haven't been out and about much (e.g. to go buy my usual stack of cards), and as I said at the start of this, having time to be on the computer for emailing or even facebooking! 

Sounds like Brie is home, and I still need to get my hair dried. Have a good weekend all!

Monday, October 25, 2010

All ready off to a better start...

Eric and I had a few more heart to heart conversations on the phone throughout the course of yesterday afternoon and I finally felt like I got heard.  My goal wasn't to change his mind; it was for him to take the time to listen to my feelings on thing. We recognize we come from two totally different approaches and schools of thought in how to deal with defiance and disobedience, and we will continue to clash on things, but perhaps things won't go to the degree they did because we have a better understanding of each other. When Eric got home, Rei apologized to Eric for his behavior and attitude from Friday night, and Eric apologized as well, then we all went out as a family to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner (and football--had to watch the Vikings vs Green Bay!).  We had everyone together for once, even Rei's girlfriend, and we talked and laughed throughout the meal.  The kids made fun of me for missing parts of the conversation because I was watching the game (no sound there, so it's all visual), and my cheering an interception caused our waiter to almost drop our drinks, because I startled him.  It was a bit akward because I think I was the only Viking's fan in the restaurant (from the sounds of the groans when I was cheering), but oh well.  I had fun.  Have to admit I found the last two minutes of the game frustrating though...  Losing by 4 points! (We left the restaurant at half time).

Eric and I went to bed after the game was over, with the sound of much needed rain (along with thunder and lightening) on the windows, and were "rudely" awakened at 2:22 am by the phone ringing...  Eric was called in to take an overtime shift for today.  We didn't have a lot of plans for the day, other than being together and babysitting Skye, so he decided to go in. He figured where he was covering he'd have plenty of time to focus on homework, with few distractions so it may be a good thing on the whole (not to mention the overtime money is nice).  I think my focus today will be on cutting out some fabrics that need to be cut, and doing some machine embroidery (looking towards Christmas gifts), along with enjoying the baby. I do feel much better today, more positive and optomistic.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's a new day, a new week...

Here is to hoping this new week will go well for all of us.  This last one has had a few ups and downs.  Babysitting Skye was a joy, and I couldn't ask for a better baby.  She and I ran some errands that needed doing, we took her grocery shopping, we walked almost daily outside (it's been gorgeous weather here this past week), and she is such a joy.  Skye tends to smile with her whole body, and her squeaky giggles surprise even her sometimes!  I have had to relearn how to budget my time to get things done, and I have re-mastered the art of doing some things one-handed.  It's going fine though, and while I am a bit more weary than I had been, it is nothing unmanageable. Brie seems to be happy being back at work, and we did some babysitting over the weekend as well, so she could do some things with the kids (bowling with Aurora on Friday night, going to the haunted house with all the kids Saturday night), so she is enjoying live-in sitter service.  So far I am not feeling too taken advantage of, but we will see.  It's only been 8 days...

Eric has gotten himself behind in his homework, so I have had to help some with stuff so that he can get back on top of it.  It's been frustrating for both of us.  The kids got their midterm grades yesterday, and Aurora is satisfied with hers (2 As, 2Bs, 2Cs--the Cs were in physics and pre-calc); Rei had some decent grades (Bs), some passing grades (Ds) and some fails (but in the mid to upper 60%, which means close to passing).  I have been in contact with his teachers because he has been slacking off at school in some things, and I have been discussing things with him as well, because the Fs are not acceptable--if they are that close to passing grades, he should be able to pull them up higher.  Brie just got the notice from SWIC that transferred her credits from McKendry to them and she now knows where she stands on that front.  She is looking forward to school in January.

Friday night was a mess around here, and Eric and I were at odds after he and Rei had a major conflict.  Over spilled milk.  That's how it started.  I don't want to go into specifics other than to say by the time we were finished the girls had put in their unneeded 2 cents, Rei left with his friends (who were quite upset as well), and Eric and I were on opposite sides of the fence.  I will freely and honestly admit I stand up for my kid, right or wrong.  Not that I support or defend his behaviors when he is in the wrong, but I strongly believe things should be handled or addressed in a specific way.  Eric has opinions that are counter to mine, and when he thinks he is in the right, he also doesn't back down.  Hence the conflict between us.  We have tried talking it out, but I feel Eric is unwilling to hear my opinion on this so I have had to just drop it. It's not even that I expect him to change his mind; I just expect him to hear me out, which as of right now he hasn't.  We are back to being cordial, even companionable together for the most part, and I just need to let it go for now. It still stings though.  Case in point? This is my husband's facebook status from about 10 minutes ago:

Eric XXXX  A night has passed. My wife and I had talked througout the day we disagree on a few things but all is well I believe. The 16 yearold did not say a word to me so I assume the status has not changed from the other night. I figure an apology is in order or his challenge still stands and he believes he can take me.

Having heard BOTH sides of the story, as well as witnessing all of it myself (thus having first hand knowledge) I am once again feeling frustrated at how events are being interpreted.  Yes, apologies are owed, on BOTH sides. This did not start out as a pissing contest, so why does it have to be turned into one?  God I am frustrated all over again!

I actually got a lot accomplished yesterday that I had been wanting to get done. I have more on the agenda for today as well, so I guess it's time to get coffee started, and get on with my day. We have another beautiful day in the offing, although they keep suggesting we are gonna get rain--haven't seen any as yet though.  Here's to hoping this coming week goes smoothly and positively!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am on day three of seven babysitting the little one. She is 8 weeks old on thursday. Eric is off today, so we are enjoying Skye together. She is such an easy baby to take care of. She eats, naps, smiles, and is starting to coo and laugh.

I am using this time home to work on starting Christmas gifts for people, and I have even bought our first gift! So nice to be started. Eric and I went out on Saturday and got some things for the house again. We decided to add to the gardens so we have bulbs for spring; we got some things to add to storage in the master bathroom and closet; and we got some paint chips to decide on colors for the "master suite"--bedroom, bathroom,and closet. That is our starting point for now. It makes me really happy to see things coming together.

Brie got the paternity test done last week and it looks like the results may be here. Now to wait impatiently for her to get home and open them...

Update: the results state emphatically that Skye's father is the person Brie said it was, with a 99.999% certainty. She is pleased and relieved to have it official. Now to start the ball rolling on child support...
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I know it's been a week...

I just haven't been in the mood to blog this week.  I am in my normal post MN funk of being a bit homesick, and struggling a bit with regard to getting back into the swing of things here at home.  I think I do so much running, and spend so much energy trying to accomplish all that needs to be done when I am north for a short weekend that I get overdrawn energy-wise and it takes a couple of days to recover (esp. from the drive).  Oh well, I am better today, which is nice.

We had a wonderful time in MN.  The boys stayed at Liisa's, the girls with me at my mom's.  We met up for various things, and did our own things as well.  Aurora took a tour of the U of M and it went really well.  She seems to like the campus and what they had to say about scholastic offerings etc. Brie also liked the campus and talked half-heartedly about maybe wanting to go there as well...  We must have spent a good three hours on campus between the tour, then walking around on our own.  It was fun and brought back lots of memories for me of my days there.  Despite the fact that they have added some new buildings and changed some buildings around (regarding what they house), the bones of the U remain the same and it isn't hard to get around once you know where you are or where you want to be.  We had gorgeous weather for being up there too, so that helped immensely.

Saturday was Jesse's lawn tractor party and bbq/bonfire.  Patrick spent much of his weekend up in Princeton with Tony and Jesse, which (I think) was really fun for him.  He spent time hanging with the older guys in the family and driving stuff.  He was a big help at the party too, with helping monitor times and place standings in the races.  Rei and Ryan spent Saturday day and night up there and they too had a ball.  The girls and I were there with the baby on Saturday from mid afternoon through late evening, and we had such fun.  Kristi and her family came up, as did Jen and the girls, so we had a nice representation of my side of the family.  We even took some fun pics of me, Jim, and our three kids!  I have to admit, it was odd seeing my ex interact with my step-kids, but he treated them no differently than he treats the rest of the kids, and it was fun to see.  Jesse's family also was there in full force, and that was fun to visit with them too. 

Sunday was a fairly quiet day.  I got together with a couple of girlfriends, and we also had a family dinner at my mom's.  So fun having a "typical family dinner at Grandma's house" for 20... My dad would have loved it!  I also spent lots of quality time with Justin and Alexis, and they adored baby Skye.  I was in love with Justin singing lullabies to her when she was fussing a bit, and watching Alexis hug and kiss the top of Skye's head.  I am so blessed in my family!

Monday was a loooooooong drive home.  Despite my best efforts, we really weren't out of the city much before 11:30 am, and we didn't get home til after 10 pm.  We seemed to need a few more stops (due to baby needs, meals, and gas) than we had needed on the ride up, but that is a matter that comes with travelling in two cars, with a 6 week old baby.  The drive itself wasn't too bad, and I even let Patrick drive for part of it.

Now we are trying to get back to whatever will soon pass for normal.  Brie sees her doctor tomorrow to get cleared to return to work status, then she is at drill all weekend (Grandma babysits).  She will need to get ahold of her manager at KK to find out what her schedule will be at the donut shop. Again, at least for the time being, I will be babysitting.  Not a huge deal, as Skye and I get along great.  Skye has her 2 month checkup the end of the month for her shots etc.  That will be interesting to see how much she has grown, given how voracious her appetite has been of late.

Anyhow, I will post pics when I get them up onto the computer.  I have been slacking lately doing that, and I know pics help to make this blog of mine more interesting...  Time to get some dinner started now tho'!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just an update...

I am needing to get things ready for our trip to Minneapolis.  We are leaving tomorrow after school: Aurora, Patrick, Reimond, Brie, Skye, Ryan (Rei's friend), and me.  Eric is staying home because of work all weekend (and he can keep track of the dogs).  The rest of us are all going.  Aurora has an appointment on Friday at the U of MN for a tour and visit, while the rest of the kids hang out at Liisa's, and probably the mall of america.  Saturday we are going up to Jesse's land in Princeton for his annual lawn tractor races and cookout.  Looks like the weather should be stellar!  Sunday it now looks like Mom will do a Sunday dinner at her house for all of us.  At least, that is the game plan as of right now.  A part of me is ready and raring to go first thing tomorrow morning, however, part of me is dreading the long drive and arriving at 1-2 am.  Patrick can help me with the driving (at least potentially), and Brie will have Aurora along in her car--more room for the baby stuff if we take 2 cars.  I have really been missing my mom and my sister and my grandbabies and my kids.  My brothers too, for that matter, but I am needing some "girltime". 

Eric and I went out to lunch today after he woke up, just so we could touch base a little.  He has tomorrow off as well, then is back on Friday thru Sunday, overnights this week.  He has class tomorrow night as well.  We really haven't spent very much time together, even with his being off this past weekend because life has been so very full.  I have missed our time together.

Liisa and Jesse arrived safely down here mid Saturday afternoon.  I got all the sewing done I needed to do for the baptism--both the dress and the "towel" used in the ceremony.  The ladies at the church loved the baptismal towel I made and have asked me to make up some more for them to have at the church.  I said I would even be willing to personalize them if I get enough advance warrning as I did Skye's, with her full name and the date.  The dress turned out lovely too, although I am not happy with the button holes.  For whatever reason, I didn't do a very good job on them.  We spent Saturday evening here just hanging out, after running to the mall for some things Brie needed for the baby.  Sunday's baptism was lovely and Skye didn't cry through the ceremony, although she bellowed quite well during the sermon.  Brie took her back and changed her pants--that little girl does not like to have a dirty diaper!  We then went to brunch at the Winery after the service, and it was lovely to be there with everyone.  We had a nice afternoon.  We went home, and the Soulak side of the kids went one way, and the Maze side of the kids went another for the afternoon, while Eric and I babysat little Skye.  She was very good for us.  We watched some tv, and called it a night after everyone got home.  Monday was low key around here til the kids got home from school; Eric napped prior to work, and the kids and I went apple picking.  They we hit a bar on Main Street that has $1 tacos for the evening.  Lots of families were there enjoying a beer and the food, so it wasn't out of place to have the teens and the infant there with us.  We got home around 9ish, in time to watch a little tv and then call it a night.  I was exhausted!  Tuesday morning, Liisa took the kids all out to breakfast before school, then her and Jesse took off around 9:30 am.  They got home a bit after 9 last night, taking their time to drive home.

That left me with Tuesday afternoon and today to generally get ready for our trip north.  Tomorrow is the embroidery club meeting, and I may blow that off to have a morning with Eric.  I do need to run onto base and drop off my submissions for the Arts and Crafts show.  I am going to enter my Shipwreck Shawl, the baptismal gown, and the napkin/towel I made.  The show is next week.

Anyhow, that is what is new in our world.  Brie, Aurora, and Skye are back from running a couple of errands so my peace and quiet is at an end...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crisis averted

When it rains, it pours. We have been waiting a couple of weeks for the travel league schedule to come out, as Aurora and now Rei too, are bowling for it. We missed two weeks ago because Aurora had to march in a parade, and Rei's ball was not ready (the holes were being redrilled), and we had not been given a schedule. We discovered after the fact that the travel league coincided with Eric's weekends off, BUT now it conflicts with Skye's baptism, which we had to scedule around church availability, Eric's weekend off, and Liisa's ability to get down here. That fell into place for tomorrow...

When Eric and the kids got to the bowling alley today, we were hoping against hope that the match for tomorrow was scheduled for later in the day. It wasn't. Even if we moved the baptism to the 8 am service there would not be time to get the kids to the bowling alley for the match. Fortunately, they currently have a full team, so WE are off the hook that way. Unfortunately, the kids will be missing another match for the season. I am sure Aurora is upset about this (she tried out for, and made the team; Rei was asked to join to round out the numbers of non-high school league bowlers) but it can't be helped. She too is godmother to Skye and would (I hope) want to be there.

So one crisis is averted and we are moving forward with the weekend!
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