Thursday, January 30, 2014

First month in limbo

I have successfully submitted some applications, but so far have heard nothing back; I realize that it is a process, and figure I have some time to get things organized. My hope is to get in the door somewhere, then I can look at opportunities for moving upward into where I want to be. 

We have been experiencing the ups and downs of the polar vortex, not nearly to the degree of family further north and/or east, but we have experienced our share of snowfall, ice, and bitter cold. My own biggest problem has been with cabin fever because I have not been out much, other than letting the dogs in and out, or getting the mail. We did have one lovely day where it hit 60 and I stitched outside for a few hours, but then the sun must have rattled me because I spent the next afternoon picking those stitches out and redoing them...

I also enjoyed an outing Eric and I took to St Charles, MO to take pictures of things for Miss Alexis and her school project-- being the recipient of her flat Shannon, I took my role of tour guide to heart, as did Uncle Rei, and we took Shannon to the landmarks before mailing her back to the school. We had a February first deadline, and hopefully someone is at the school getting the mail in. I had fun doing it and hope Alexis is proud of what I sent back. As unusual as it is for Minneapolis, they have had 6 days off this month because of the bitter wind chills. 

Not much else is new here, just the usual routine of kids out and about with school, work, bowling, friends, etc. Eric switches back to overnights in a couple of weeks, and is not doing so much overtime, so he's been bowling a bit more as well. One could say life is pretty static at the moment!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014: a new beginning!

I am doing better. It's helped a lot that we are through. The stress of the holidays, and I am now officially done with school, so some of the worries are gone. Eric is still working crazy overtime when he can get it, and I too have started my job search and hopefully will find something so I can help out.  

The weather here has been crazy. We have gone from record snowfalls and cold temps to being mild and beautiful today. The snow from last weekend is just about gone, and the temperatures a bad memory. They say it may be cold again early this week, but I am ok with that. Aurora is taking a J term class so she can bowl tournaments, and Reimond returns to start the second semester tomorrow. He is just back from a trip to Florida with girlfriend and her family and he had an amazing time. Now he is buckling down to job hunting as well, and hopefully will find something he enjoys. 

I spent yesterday running the roads with Brie's boyfriend and the kids while he attempted to get new tires for her car (she blew a tire on a pothole). It was a fun day, and the little ones and I sang, played, used my iPad for games, and chatted. We don't see Skye as often as we used to and we miss her. She is growing so fast! Seems hard to believe she is three! She tried to convince me yesterday afternoon when they dropped me off that she needed to come in with me so we could take a nap and watch movies together. And Liisa cracked me up with a comment her little Kodie made yesterday: their little dog Charlie had gotten into the bathroom trash, and Kodie put his hands on his hips and told Charlie, "I love you, but I am ashamed of you: this place is a disaster!" Gave me the giggles! He's just a bit older than Skye and I find them both so entertaining, especially as their vocabulary builds. Skye told me yesterday that she was the mommy doing laundry and she "folded Liam's taggie blanket excellently" (and actually, she had--it was nicely folded into quarters). 

Other than job hunting my focus now is on finishing projects, both personal and household. I am working my way thru my yarn stash and knitting socks, scarves, and finishing some shawls; I have been stitching on my cross stitch projects and my appliqué, and I have some sewing lined up of materials I already have on hand. Tony and Andrea loved their quilt, and the kids (Skye, Justin, and Alexis) loved their pjs. It feels good to put my hand to practical things, and know they are appreciated. All the fabrics on Tony's quilt were ones I had in my stash and I bought nothing new for any of it, other than stabilizer for the embroidery.

Christmas itself was very quiet, and Brie and James came down with Skye on New Year's Eve to open her presents for us, but otherwise they were just normal days for us. Liisa facetimed with me from my moms on Christmas Eve so I sat in on her reading the Christmas story from the bible and talked to my kids/mom. That is one thing I love technology for: I can participate long distance. Anyway, that is what is new around here. Just taking things one day at a time, and trying to find my footing again.