Sunday, September 1, 2013

September the First

It's a new month, so I figured I should probably post something. 
This is Reimond on his first day of college at Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC). He is now two weeks in and seems to be both liking it and staying on top of things. We finally got his financial aid confirmed so he was able to start buying his books. We are just waiting on his getting the tuition refund so he can get the art supplies he still needs. He is really liking his two art classes, and has proudly share what he is learning to do; I helped him (sat by him) with his first psych packet (because he had no book and was working off his notes alone); and I have heard no complaints about freshman English...   My baby is so grown up! (Man I feel old!)

The results of the Holter monitor said, like the echocardiogram, that everything heart-wise is fine. I just have a really fast pulse. In talking things over with the doctor on Friday I pointed out that even if a fast pulse is normal for some people, it has never been normal for me, and I am so tired of being winded and light headed from doing the simplest of things, especially when I feel like I am crawling out of my skin when it is racing. She switched me to a beta-blocker, which I started on Friday, and this morning, for the first time in about three months, my pulse was under 90s to 120s: it was 85.  I am so happy!  She said I have no activity restrictions, and can do whatever my body lets me, but to respect what my body tells me and rest when needed. I can do that!

Skye got a package from her paternal grandma and decided to make a boat out of some left over styrofoam packing things we had laying around to open it in. She was so cute! She got a lovely assortment of much needed clothes, and was quite pleased. We haven't seen her for over two weeks now, because she, Brie, and James are in Wisconsin, where James had a job that has been extended out. They will be home by Friday and have drill this weekend, so my house will be ringing with the sounds of joyful preschooler. We have missed her.

Eric goes back to days on Monday so our sleep schedules can get back to normal (whatever that is), and I am on my last two weeks of this course. In October I will start my (hopefully) last course before finally having my master's degree done, and I can't wait! This is unless I still need to retake one class given it has a slightly different focus (counseling theories vs. theories of psychotherapy). I will be calling the school to verify that after the holiday.

The weather has been miserable this week, with highs in the upper 90s to 100s (kinda like my pulse, heehee) and we had storms and power outages last night, with more expected today. Then is should be nicer all next week. Eric is on vacation the second week of September, so we hope to get some things done around here and pray the weather cooperates. It hasn't been a terrible summer, until this past week, so we have lots to be thankful for.

Aurora is back to the grind of school, bowling, and working part time hours. She will have very little free time, but is looking forward to the money and the activities. Things are status quo with the rest of the kids.

Happy fall!