Sunday, November 6, 2016


It's a drill weekend and I have the little girls. 

Batman is acting as incentive for Adrianna to try and crawl forward--so goes backwards really well!


Today is Aurora's birthday and we had a lovely grown up dinner at a fancy St. Louis restaurant on Thursday night. 


Tomorrow it's 22 years ago my dad went to heaven. I've been missing him a lot and thinking on him often recently. 


Eric knew I've been feeling blue and brought me a nice treat. He's now sleeping as he's working all weekend. I am trying to get my Skye-bug motivated so we can run to the grocery store. We still have a picnic and tea party to have, a birthday cake to bake, and maybe a trip to the park. Yesterday was kinda a bust because it was grey and cool out but today is supposed to be better! 


My lazy girl wants to stay in her pjs! And the baby is being busy. 


Time to motivate!