Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rainy days and Sundays

Oh how I miss the sun. I know we need the rain, and I know that it is mild out, but oh how I miss the sun. Between that and the time change I feel all sleepy and discombobulated. I have no drive to go and do anything today that relates to chores or other "jobs". Eric worked today for part of the day and then had a bowling tournament this afternoon. Aurora had a bowling tournament this weekend to (regionals I believe) "somewhere in TN" and she hasn't really said how they (or she) did. The boys as usual, are off doing their thing, and as I have no car, I have been home playing games on my iPad and computer, reading, and ignoring the rest of the world. Eric has the next few days off se we can play catch up then.

We had some sad news on the Soulak side of the family this week. Jim's aunt by marriage died of lung cancer on Wednesday. The irony is I knew her mother quite well when I was just a teenager, before she married Jim's uncle, and we were able to reconnect at the wedding. Karen was a lovely woman and will be dearly missed. She was warm, gracious, and loving, and she leaves behind a family who treasured her. The cancer was only diagnosed a month ago, so she went quickly, and was only 69. So sad! Liisa and her dad will represent the family at the funeral on Tuesday and I will send a card. I am grateful the Soulaks still consider me family and keep me in the loop. After 20+ years as a part of them, it's hard to step away.

I started sewing up a dress I had cut out, and it is coming along nicely. It's a little more fitted than I would like, but if I pay attention to what I am doing, it should be fine. It's a nice linen dress, which I thought might be nice for Reimond's graduation, so I have a few months yet. It's strange to realize I have already had my sewing machine for 3.5 years, as it still feels brand new to me! It was brought home to me though when I had it cleaned recently and I got the memo that the extended warranty we had put on it is due to run out the beginning of November and is NOT renewable. I have had very little trouble with it for the most part, but the cleanings and routine maintenance are expensive without that plan so it's something to be aware of.

I am finishing up on a pair of socks I have been knitting for Skye. She is so excited about the one being done and she hands me my knitting to be sure I finish the other one for her. She has taken to saying "fantastic", complete with fist pump, when she is happy with something, and she started saying "absolutely" when I used it to agree with her one afternoon. It's so fun to heart what she is gonna come up with next. She also knows how to pinkie promise and she has been a ball of energy of late, as well as a bottomless pit--she has been nibbling nonstop, mostly stuff that is good for her like fruit or string cheese, but I am getting tired of her helping herself to things in the fridge because she thinks she is big enough to so it on her own...

That's basically all the news from here. Hope everyone stays warm and dry!

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