Friday, May 20, 2011

It's my birthday!

Happy birthday to me! 

It's been a fairly easy day so far, with lots of love shown to me on facebook and hugs and kisses this morning as people left for their various activities. Skye and I have been cleaning house a little, and I finally got her down for an uninterrupted nap (every time she fell asleep something woke her immediately, and it became a battle royale to get her back to sleep...)

I am working towards getting some homework done, and I am just thinking over all the events of the last couple of weeks. It's been crazy hectic around here, between the birthdays, graduations, and other events. I loved having my in-laws here over last weekend for the granduation and party, and I appreciated all they did to help out. My husband did an amazing job on the yard, and I love my new back patio area. The roses are in bloom, the gardens are colorful, and life is good!  The only fly in the ointment has been the weather, and I am about as sick of rain as one can get. I need some steady, comfortable temps, and some blue skies and sunshine.

I bought a bike the other day and cannot wait to start riding it. I also bought a bike trailer that seats 2 little ones so that I can meet my goal of taking Skye out riding with me. Another form of exercise I enjoy and a way to save gas on local (i.e. uptown/main street) errands.  We just need to clear out the garage some so it's easier to put things in and take them out. It's not terribly user friendly at the moment.

None of Aurora's mom's family made it to town for the graduation, and things were a bit strained as we tried to accommodate who might need a ticket or not for the actual ceremony. The party was small (just immediate family and some of Aurora's friends) because we had left the guest list up to her, and she didn't invite a lot of people we thought might like to come. Oh well. It is what it is, and it was a very nice party.

Eric and I went to Litchfield, IL to an old route 66 restaurant and met up with my mentor for lunch. He and his wife travel the country in a 5th wheel, and I haven't seen them in ages! It was lovely to spend a few hours conversing and catching up on things. Chuck looks wonderful, and I hope he conveyed my greetings to his lovely wife (who wasn't able to join us). We took a few pictures, and had a very nice meal. It was a highlight of the week for me!

Skye is now crawling with the sole purpose of getting to things she wants, or to pull herself up to standing on things, and she has started walking the edges of furniture. She tumbles as much as she stays upright, but she is oh so proud of her accomplishments! She also has 6 teeth now, and has learned to grind them together (yuck!) She is a busy baby and she keeps me hopping!

Reimond is finishing out his last few days of school with finals. Patrick is working and doing his thing, and Brie finished finals this week, so she is free of school for a bit. Eric and I still have some to go before our terms are up. Speaking of which, I should be doing homework right now...

Anyhow, that is a better update on what's been going on for us--lots of cleaning, rearranging, sorting, and landscaping, along with lots of partying...  It's been nuts, and I look forward to things slowing down some so that I have some time to think!

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