Friday, September 9, 2011

Rainy friday...

It's a gloomly and drear friday, not at all the lovely day we had 22 years ago when my sister and her husband got married.  It's also my cousin and her husband's 50th anniversary today (my dad's oldest niece). Wow, 50 years...

We survived the first week of high school, and Rei is even doing homework!  So pleased.  Aurora has her second cross country meet tonight and won't be home til really late (like around midnight), and then youth bowling starts on base tomorrow morning. Brie has drill all weekend and has elected to stay at a friend's rather than come home, so I will have Skye all weekend.  I am so glad she is feeling better finally. She had a bad cold, turned into a double ear infection, then had an allergic reaction to her amoxicillin.  She is on prednisone at the moment and we are tapering her off.  She will be done with it all on Sunday.  She is back to her happy, bubbly self again though and for that I am gratefull.

Eric has picked up some overtime for Monday so he has 4 days in a row for work. We took the harley in to the shop last night for new tires and a basic once-over of the wiring etc. Not sure when it will be ready to be picked up; Eric hasn't heard anything from them so we hope that is good news.  The van is in really rough shape.  It needs new brakes as there is a grinding upon braking on the right fronts esp. and I am not sure when we can get it looked at.  Has to be relatively soon though. Brie has been driving a friend's pickup truck of late instead of the van.

Aurora went to get her license on Wednesday, but it didn't happen because she has no proof she took the driver's ed class through the high school.  When I called the school it was because she had taken it as a summer session class and failed it (she was told because she didn't have enough practice hours of driving done; when they looked it up for me and called back, Eric was told she hadn't done well in her behind the wheel, which he thinks is BS). Needless to say, they won't send info saying she took it because she didn't pass it, so now she has to wait til she's 18 (in November) to take the road test, or retake a driver's ed class so that the state has proof she has taken it.  She is quite bummed about it.

Aurora's boyfriend Dan has moved in here with us as of the 1st. He needed a place to stay while he gets some things lined up for his future, and he is a really nice kid.  It's going well. Jesse was down here too from Mpls. one night this past weekend, and was in town to visit a friend of his who lives in St. Louis. It was fun to see both Jesses!

I have been procrastinating heading back downstairs for a bit now, because I had to research resale prices for the timeshare for Eric's court date on Tuesday, then decided to also check emails and blog...  Dan is watching Skye for me in the living room, but I am guessing he's ready to be spelled...  It's gonna be a LOOOOOOOOGGGGG weekend!

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