Friday, January 20, 2012

Clearly I need a vacation!

Preferably somewhere warm, near water, and peaceful!  I have a migraine right now, aggravated by the grey gloom and glare of outside, and while it is somewhat tamped down by the meds I took, I just keep wishing I was sitting on a deck somewhere in the dappled sunlight, near gently lapping waves, with a cool drink and some handwork (cross stitch or hand sewing) on my lap, and no interruptions.

It's not that today has been a bad day. Eric is off and I am glad to have him home this weekend; Brie is also off this weekend, so after she gets home this afternoon my babysitting duties are at an end. Skye has been as good as gold of late, although she has been really cuddly and clingy so it's hard to get much done around her. It's just that I am feeling a bit claustraphobic. I have had very little down time to be "just me" and be left to my won devices.  I am sorta knitted out right now, and while it's still a satisfying pasttime and I have a pair of socks nearing completion, my hands and my soul are craving other textiles, specifically hand sewing and stitching. I am craving something mundane and repetative that allows my mind to be free to float, and most of the knitting patterns I have been doing of late require concentration and counting, so I am not finding it relaxing, especially when the baby is running around me.

I think I have found an intership program that would work for what I need.  I have sent my resume to a friend to review it (and she is taking it to the workforce center to use one of their resume wizards to revamp it some) so that I get some ideas of better ways to present myself, then I will send it off with a cover letter. My goal is to send it out early next week, looking to start it in July. I think that's realistic, especially since Brie is no longer deploying, so I won't have sole duty with managing Skye, and it will give us time to figure out how we'll manage childcare so I can do this. I am excited, nervous, and anxious, all rolled into one over this, because I would really like this to work out.

Eric and I are looking to go to a home show this weekend and look at what is being offered. We got a card in the mail for free admission, and I think it would be fun to wander with him and look at what is out there. Aurora is going to be gone at a bowling tournament all weekend, and I am not sure what the boys have planned.  Eric has a makeup class for a few hours on Saturday, so we are looking to go for the afternoon. It's supposed to be a gloomy weekend, although the temps are supposed to be back up into the 50's on Sunday (it's in the 30s today), so it'll be nice to have something to look forward to doing.

My head is still not happy with me, so I think I will try lying down (Skye went down for a nap before I started typing), and I plan to enjoy the break.

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