Saturday, February 11, 2012

Finally Winter?

The temps have dropped to the teens, killing our flowers of early spring...  It's not terrible to have it finally feel like winter for a few days--we might even get some snow that sticks early next week--and I am relieved to say I have finally started to feel better.  I added Nasonex back into my routine of morning meds and it seems to be taking care of the swelling/allergy symptoms side of things.  Love not feeling like my head is gonna explode!

It has been a painful week in many regards.  Brie, who was buying a car online, was the victim of an elaborate scam, and has at this point lost her money and the vehicle she thought se was getting.  The police have been notified, as has been Ebay cars and western union. Hopefully something can be done to stop these horrible people, but in the meantime, she is heartsick and sad.

Aurora too has had some trials.  There are things going on with her bowling team she had concerns about, and because she took it up with the coaches, she and a friend both have a one tournament suspension. It seems unfair, and we are all angry about it on her behalf, but it doesn't feel like there is much that can be done at this point that won't  make things worse, and Aurora is accepting it with good grace, under the circumstances.

Eric is in the process of getting his assignments completed for the term, of which there are two weeks left for him. I am at the midpoint of my term, and am finding this class to be interesting, challenging, and more "global" than I am used to (we need to look at things from the widest lens--the govenrment policy position, and how these things affect the individual and child/adolescent development).  I am unused to looking at things from so broad a perspective, and it has been a challenge to find resources to support or even determine a position on some issues.  The terms seem to be going well for all of our other students (which covers everyone BUT Patrick and Skye, heehee), and we are settling into the routine fairly well.  Dan is helping with transportation for the nonce because Brie's current car needs some work, and he is headed to basic training sometime in March. We are enjoying having the full house, but sometimes it does feel a bit chaotic, especially around mealtimes, and headcounts are not always reliable.

Liisa and Zack are coming down the first weekend in March.  It will be his first time here, and he hasn't done too much traveling.  I am thinking Mascoutah may be a bit of a shock to him! He is a city boy through and through. Tony and Andrea closed on their house and have moved their belongings in.  I am so excited for them, and I cannot wait to see it!

That's the scoop from around here for now...  Time for more coffee and returning to the books!

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