Saturday, October 22, 2016

Finally feels like fall!

 My tree, that Eric and I planted after we were married. It's supposed to be a glorious Scarlett, but the gold will do.  Brilliant blue skies, cool weather, couldn't ask for a more perfect day! 

This is going to be a quiet weekend, hopefully a productive weekend. Eric and Aurora both work (although Eric is on overnights so currently he's sleeping), and I have the house to myself. So far I've drank coffee, read Facebook, and took a few pictures! 

Last weekend we went to the closing weekend of the Renaissance festival. We bought two day passes as we like having time to see everything and go back and shop if the fancy strikes us.  It was a drill weekend but we had been told we weren't needed for child care. That's why on Sunday morning it was rather a surprise to hear "Grandma!" And giggles at about 5:10 AM... I rolled over to find Miss Skye standing next to me in her flannel nightie, and as soon as I opened my eyes, she dove under the covers with me. From there I had hugs, cuddles, conversation, and cartoons on the television. Needless to say I didn't get back to sleep! Miss Adrianna joined us on the bed, and that was that! 

Eric and I took both girls to the faire with us and what an adventure that turned into! I had gotten a baby dragon puppet on Saturday:
 Which we decided to leave home as it was too fragile (in my opinion) to be carried around by a 6 year old, much to her dismay. But the morning started with a flower crown and a ride on a small war horse

 While baby sister observed wide eyed 
... we elected not to bedeck her in flowers as everything goes in the mouth right now, and mama hadn't packed her any girly clothing, so we were constantly correcting gender inquiries and statements. Poor bald baby! She was scared of loud cheering but loved the music, and was such a good sport about being bounced from pillar to post as her sister quested for stamps to become a Princess of the Realm!

Next stop on the adventure was holding snakes at the dragon pens

. Skye went from apprehensive to expert across two separate visits, and held every snake they had! Adrianna observed. 

Then there was making a fairy house with papa

Making a mask and a wand

And observing the jousting! 

The princess didn't have the royal stamp for the quest, and provided Skye with a scroll instead, declaring her a Protector of the Realm and Princess, even without all the stamps 

 But encouraged her to continue the quest to completion, which Skye fully intended to do... She watched a show (Crazy Boy Coy) and got a hug from him after

 Baby Susie came along on the adventure and Skye told everyone this was a birthday surprise for her doll.

She met a mermaid

 And was pleased she spoke their language--a combination of ASL, dolphin whistles, and siren song.

She was given jewels and treasure, had her face painted, and made friends of the death eaters


Not to be left out, little miss observed, lounged, ate, napped, and got a rainbow painted on that saucy foot that kept being propped up! 

 She was carried, danced with, and generally enjoyed the sights, sounds, and jostling over rough terrain! Mostly she and I followed along while papa and Skye quested and explored. 

At the end of the day, Skye met both Royal queens, who gave her hugs, stamped all over her successful quest results with the Royal seal, and demonstrated her curtsy to them and the King of England. We joined the procession to the gates where there was toasting, then dancing, and Skye danced with a lady in waiting, who in turn handed her off to the Queen of England, whom she danced enthusiastically with, learning a medieval ring dance. 


We had two tired, happy (dusty!) princesses to return to their mother after feeding them dinner. This grandma too was exhausted, and fell eagerly into bed when we got home. The next morning I was feeling muscles I hadn't known I had making introductions as I readied for work, and I felt them for a few days thereafter!

In other news (lol, using the word loosely) I am on the legs of the pair of socks, still haven't finished the sweater (because what knitting time I had was spent on the socks), and I still haven't started sewing! I have a couple of new knitting projects enticing me with their siren song, but have tried to plug my ears (of course that hasn't stopped me from identifying I have all the yarn I need for one of them, have the needles too--double pointed, in the correct size--and have read through the pattern--a few times! I have not kitted them together, or made a practice swatch, so that counts as ignoring it, right?)

The cool weather has stimulated my roses into a last major bloom and they are, as always, making me happy: 

So that's what is going on as of today in our corner of the world. Enjoy the weekend!

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