Sunday, March 11, 2012

It feels like I lost an hour of sleep somewhere...

and man do I hate DST!  Not the time shift itself, once I get used to it, because I love the hours of daylight.  It's the body realignment I hate and readjusting one's circadian rythm.  In this day and age, there really is no longer a need for the hour shift either way, and it would be lovely if we could pick a schedule and keep to it!

Things have settled back to whatever passes for normal around here.  Eric is on his second week of a "spring break" of sorts, aka his between term break.  I am on my last week of my term, with just a paper and a couple of assignments to do.  I plan to get a head start on some of that today so I am not trying to type frantically on Friday to finish it all up.

Yesterday was a lovely and productive day, spent mostly working on schoolwork, interspersed with a little time outside embroidering the last few stitches on blocks 1 & 2 of the Catacademy block of the month quilt.  It has been a relaxing project to do, and one I am enjoying doing completely by hand.  Not conducive to doing with Skye, but I find putting aside one or two blocks of time each week is rewarding. I have slowed down on my March sock challenge, in part because the frentic knitting I did on it over the week we had company has been replaced by other priorities. I am almost done with the foot though, and should finish it this week, giving me still 2 weeks to do the second one.  I screwed up one of the cables early on, and decided to just go with it, calling it a design element, because by the time I realized I had twisted the cable in reverse, I was too far along to justify ripping it back.  Can't say this is one of my favorite socks to knit (although I do like cabling), but it's got just enough challenge to be interesting without being repetitious.

Skye has come down with a cold, and it sounds like Eric is fussing with one too.  My allergies are bugging me again after a lovely respite from them (I think I need to just bite the bullet and use the Nasonex daily--it really seems to help, as much as I hate it). Brie is on spring break next week, so no classes for her, and I think Aurora is too, but I am not 100% sure on that.  She has been bowling in sectional all weekend, and while she was pleased with some of her individual scores, they weren't quite high enough (she doesn't think) to go on to nationals, and her team too isn't doing as well as she'd like.  Hopefully today will be a good day for them and she will be happy with how they place.

I was talking to Eric about plans for the coming week (his short week working) and one of my goals is to take my bike to the repair shop and get the pedal crank fixed so it doesn't clack. Then I want us to get the bike cart put together for Skye (was a goal not met from last year) so I can start building up my endurance with her on back.  It will give me some mobility options for when I am vehicle-less, and with gas prices rising, biking looks like a good option for at least local transportation.

Yesterday when I went to sit outside I threw Grandma Hap's shawl over my shoulders to help cut the breeze, and it was neat to realize it smelled like her perfume. It made me smile, and I felt like I was given a hug as I sat in the back yard with my embroidery and my coffee.  What a nice experience it was, and it felt like a blessing or a benediction from her on a lovely sunny day.

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