Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Twice in one week!

An update of sorts...

Brie got sent home from work because they had way too many people scheduled and those they kept had the fewest hours on the books.  For me it is a blessing because I can do a marathon homework day (including dvr-ing my two Wednesday night shows I like to watch later on): Eric is at work all day and class tonight, so I will have few interruptions (I hope).

The principal at the high school approved Reimond's absence of 3 days for his trip to Alaska, so I have bought the plane tickets for him and he is set: will be leaving on Wed. the 23rd after school (a 5:45 pm flight out, getting into Anchorage at 12:36 a.m.), and he'll come home on May 29th, after flying all day.  Between the time zone changes and layovers each way (a short one in Phoenix on the way out, a three hour one in Minneapolis on the way back), they are gonna be long days for him, but he is excited and his girlfriend (according to her mother), is beside herself with joy.  This is Reimond's 18th birthday present, as well as a reward for turning his life around so thoroughly, and a celebration of his reaching adulthood.  In many ways I am jealous of this trip--I'd love to see Alaska--but I am also so very proud. Her family is grateful too that we are sending him, because between the mother's surgery for cancer and other issues, having Rei there for their daughter will be a support.  I was especially proud of Reimond because I left it to him to talk to the school about taking these three days off as excused absences, and he had to create a contract (with the support of his classroom teacher and the social worker) in order to get them, but he did it, and I was pleased with how grown-up he was.

So!  We have Rei's birthday and Mother's Day Sunday, my mom and sister (and maybe others) arriving the following Thursday for my birthday weekend, with them leaving on the 21st, then Rei leaving the 23rd for Alaska, coming home the 29th; then the last day of high school for him is June 11th followed by his flight to MN for the summer, with Brie and I leaving later in the week for Florida...  Oh, and finishing up my term, including two assignments each week, and a major paper due every other week (including this week) for the next 6 weeks....  No wonder my head is swimming!

Aurora just left to take her last two finals, and Brie has finals this week and (I believe) into early next week, then she too is done.  Eric has about 3 more weeks to go (I believe) then he is done too for a couple weeks...  And Patrick has a job in Florida, working at Pizza Hut down there.  Not sure of how many hours, but it's a job and it's a start...  He says things are going ok for him, and seems happy, although he's recognizing that "parenting" is harder than one thinks!

Ok, time to get dressed, find another cup of coffee, and hit the books!

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