Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update on Skye

They got home from the ER around one this morning and Skye has the start of bacterial pneumonia.  The xray showed her lungs were starting to look cloudy and the persistence of her fever suggested she was getting pretty sick relatively quickly.  Not sure how she got it, but she looks like a pin cushion, with needlesticks for blood draws on both hands, arms, and one foot, along with antibiotic shots in both thighs.  Poor baby looks like she's been through the wringer!  Her mood is good though, and she is lethargically cuddly, spending much of her time awake this morning on my lap with a few stuffed animals and a couple of books.  Her fever is down slightly (almost 101) and Brie picked up her prescription this morning, so we have started her on her meds for the next 5 days, and she'll need to see her own doctor after that.

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