Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just a brief update cuz we are in the midst of a busy week!

Our Easter weekend was wonderful.  We all dressed up for church and attended as a family.  Then we came home, puttered a bit, and had a spring-like ham dinner (including potato salad).  Then we relaxed and enjoyed each other's company!  Eric went back to work Monday (it's his long week); my in-laws safely arrived on Monday late afternoon, and we had a wonderful (if I do say so myself) lasagna dinner.  Tuesday we visited during the morning hours, then my MIL headed to St. Louis to go stay with her mother.  Eric came home early from school after a long day of work and we enjoyed some tv and conversation. 

Yesterday was an amazing day.  Despite waking up with an earache (I have a clinic appointment today), I managed to muddle thru the day.  We went to the garden center and bought stuff for the yard!  (Thank you Jilly!  This is all from you!) We got two lilac bushes for the back corner of the yard, (something I have been wanting since I came down here), 5 rose bushes in varying colors for the front corner of the yard (where I can enjoy them from my swing and the neighbors can enjoy them as they stroll by); an assortment of annuals for my container gardens, and more bricks for the back patio (we are putting them in a little at a time for budgetary purposes).  We also got a table to replace the one that the glass was broken out of.  A very productive day all around, and best yet, Eric is off today to work on the gardens (with the help of his dad, who loves to putter in the garden).  I am one happy girl, and the yard is starting to take on a reflection of the home I want it to be: colorful, warm, and welcoming!

Anyhow, now I need to finish getting ready for the day as I have an embroidery club meeting to get to, then my doctor's appointment, then it's back home to help with the gardens.  After that it is off to enjoy cake and ice cream in honor of Grandma Hap's 100th birthday.

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