Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brief update

Nothing is really new on the birthing front.  Yesterday Eric, Brie, and Aurora were at the bowling alley for the bulk of the day (Aurora is trying out for travel league for the Scott bowling team), and Brie started having more "regular" contractions, which continued at intervals through the evening, but they seemed to abate and she has slept most of the night.  We have bags all packed and ready to go, as I suggested that they *may* send her over to the hospital after her non-stress test tomorrow, dependent on how that goes, and we need to be prepared, but thus far we are still doing the waiting game.

Had to laugh last night though: Reimond had a date at the movies, so I asked Eric if he wanted to go with me to be Mom's taxi, and he said sure.  We dropped the kids off at the theater, then decided to go grab a beer, just the two of us.  We have had NO us time for the past few weeks, what with everything going on, and we needed a chance to just sit and talk, uninterrupted.  Anyhow, we were gone an additional hour to what our ETA had been with the kids...  And we got a phone call from the girls: "Where are you?  Why aren't you home yet? What's going on?" Hmmmm....  Are we not old enough to come and go as WE please and not be accountable to our CHILDREN????  We were gone a bit over an hour and a half...  And they they take offense when we ask them the same questions after they have been gone all day/night....  Too funny! (The worst part was we got home, then had to turn around and go right back to pick the kids up! Who knew the movie was so short!)

Aurora has tryouts again today and Eric is taking his books with him to study there (he has finals all week long, including papers etc. to be written...) Not sure if Brie will go with them or not.  I am gonna work on a few chores here at home, and get a grocery list made up--trying to stay ahead of the curve because we just don't know for sure when we will be at the hospital and I would like to have things taken care of here at home too...  I am also not sure quite what the boys have planned.  Rei spent the night again at Ryan's, and Patrick didn't come home last night--not sure where he landed or if he has to work today.  We are in that wierd sort of limbo at the moment, of trying to plan ahead, and hurry up to wait....

Oh well.  That's my update for now!

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