Monday, August 23, 2010

Just another update on the baby front...

Brie had her appt. today and she is showing signs of readiness.  Her weight has stabilized (in fact she lost 2 lbs), the measurements are at 40 weeks now, and her blood pressure is high.  We were sent over to the hospital for a fetal non-stress test, to measure fetal well-being, as well as track her blood pressure for a few hours (we ended up being there almost 5 hours).  The baby is doing well, and Brie has been told her b/p is good so long as she is lying down, thus she has orders to be a couch princess until active labor commences.  She is dilated to a one, she is about 40-50% effaced, and she was contracting about every 20 mins, although we had to laugh--she really wasn't noticing them except when they got really strong--and she felt like she needed to pee...  They did find she has the start of a UTI, so she is now on pregnancy friendly antibiotics, and we got that filled tonight.  They toyed with inducing her but decided to let her come home and see what she does on her own.  We have to go back on Wed. to get her b/p rechecked, and then Thursday to start the inducing process (unless mother nature takes it's course prior to that).  We came home, and Eric ran to take his final (he is now on his way home, saying it was very easy).  We will have a baby sometime in the next few days!

On a totally separate subject, my good friend in Minneapolis left me a sad voicemail today.  Her beloved Aunt is not doing well.  She has been undergoing chemo and radiation therapy for lymphoma.  If you would, please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.  I wish I could be up there with her to help her through this, but I am needed here too and can only send my love and prayers right now.  I may need to plan a trip up there sooner than I anticipated though, just to be a support.  I don't know any real details at the moment because we are playing phone tag, but good wishes for J, D, and M would be appreciated.

Ok, now to finish catching up on my emails--there are 54 in my inbox at the moment cuz I have not been on my laptop since last night!

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