Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An update on August...

It's finally a quiet morning that I have totally to myself.  It's sad in many regards, but it's also much needed.  Liisa came down for a visit, arriving last Wednesday night around 11 p.m., and she headed home today, on what was planned to be her wedding day.  I am sad she is driving home, alone except for Rosalee (her puppy) in the truck with her, but perhaps she needs this alone time too, to process, and remember, and give thanks for what was, and to pray.  The only real disappointment of this week is that little miss Skye is being uncooperative, and didn't decide to make an appearance while Auntie Liisa was here to hold and love her.  She did come with us to the Doctor's appt. on Monday though, and she heard the heartbeat strong and loud.  That was really neat to share with her.

It's also sad, because a very dear friend of mine lost her Mother early this morning, after a long and challenging decline.  My heart just hurts for her, because I know the love and devoted care she gave to her mom these many years, and I share in her heartache over some of the family issues that have surrounded this event.  I am thankful her mom is now at peace, whole, and no longer suffering, but I know this is a loss for the family that will take a long time to recover from.  I am sending lots of love, hugs, and heart-felt prayers to the family.

On the baby front, the OB said Skye is ready to launch, and so we now just wait...  We have done all the recommended things to encourage labor: long walks, squatting and standing, eating spicy food, bumpy rides over country roads, eating pineapple...  So far nothing is strengthening or regulating the Braxton-Hicks...  We have the crib all set up, we have all the clothes washed and ready, and Brie is gonna get her bag packed today (if I have to do it for her myself! /heeheehee).  I even have a bag organized for me to take to the hospital, with mindless crocheting, my nook and charger, my phone, my cameras, and my zune player...  The plan as it stands right now, because the "due date" is Friday (8/20), is to take things by ear through the weekend.  Monday, if there is no baby yet, we will go in for a non-stress test to check on fetal well-being.  If all is well, but no labor, then we will go in Wednesday night/Thursday morning for the start of inducement (using a cervical ripening agent), all leading towards delivery by Friday 8/27 at the latest.  Eric is on vacation all next week, starting Friday (8/20) thru Saturday 8/28, so that is all good, and his parents are actually coming down to stay with us over that weekend (for his Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party).  It is something else to look forward to!  We are as ready as can be to have the baby, and she will be welcomed with open arms!

Aurora and Reimond are in school now, and despite the heat, are managing well.  They are even doing homework already!  No rest for the studious...  Patrick still has not picked up his diploma from the high school, but we are thinking of doing a graduation party for him over Labor Day Weekend.  We are trying to direct him towards a productive use of his days off/non-work time, so far without a lot of success...  I, however, can honestly say I have NOT missed going to work as yet (although I have dreamed about being there a few times and found it exhausting), and I have also dreamt about working in my chosen field with some excitement.  Right now though, my focus has been strictly on family, and to that end I feel like I have been fairly successful.  The house is looking good, the yard is looking good, and I am feeling empowered to keep moving forward.

I have posted a ton of pics now over on Facebook, but really haven't added any to my blog--which I really need to do.  Maybe tomorrow!  Today it's just me, Brie, and Patrick home, and I have housework calling my name, beds to strip and remake up, and laundry and bathrooms to take care of.  I will keep you updated though as time permits!

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