Friday, December 17, 2010

At least there is sunshine for the moment!

Today is Friday, and I am soooo tired!  I have been up off and on since 3:30 this morning when the alarm went off, and have been up for the day since 7.  Brie and Eric both had to be off for work by 5/5:30, as both started at 6 this morning, and my sinuses decided to go nuts around 5:30, so I had to get up and take something to deal with that...  Grrr!  At least I have plenty of coffee!  Eric made me a pot this morning and put it in the hot pot for me, so I have fresh coffee without needing to wait on it.

The roads are more passable today, after our freezing drizzle of Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  The kids had another snow day on Thursday. Today was my first day out driving on them, and it was no worse than what I am used to up north.  The sidewalks and driveways are treachorous still, and I watched the neighbor boy wipe out on the neighbor's driveway as he was walking to the bus stop.  His mom ended up coming out and helping him up and collecting all his belongings, which scattered everywhere, then drove him to school.  He had landed flat on his back/backpack, so I asked her if he was ok (he was) as she was arriving home as I was getting ready to leave.  I drove the kids to school, and then had to take Patrick to work.  Aurora is actually off today as she (as a senior with decent grades) got exempted from finals.  I am not sure what her plans are for today.

Despite having the tree up, we are so unready for Christmas, it's ridiculous!  We have very few gifts ready for Minneapolis next weekend (weather permitting), although I do have both quilts just about done.  I also have some knitted gifts close to completion.  Eric and I are planning to do some shopping on Saturday as he only has an 8 hour work day then, and we will finish up things on Monday and Tuesday.  The plan right now is to leave for Minneapolis bright an early on Friday morning (like 5ish) so that we are up there sometime between 3 and 4; festivities at my mom's start around 6ish, so there will even be time for a nap! I'm really not sure how this year got away from me, because I have been sorta conscious of the days passing, but I just feel totally unprepared this year.

I am starting to hear Skye rustling in her crib, so I guess I need to go tend to her!  Here's to praying for good weather for next weekend and travelling!

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