Friday, December 3, 2010

Yes, it is definitely December!

Oh the weather outside is frightful!  We have cold similar to MN winters, but not the snow.  Our highs over the weekend will be in the low to mid 30's.  According to the weatherman, this is more indicative of mid January than early December...  So how do the kids dress for school? They layer hoodies.  Not winter jackets, not hats and gloves.  Just hoodies.  Brrrrrr!

Eric and I went and saw the latest Harry Potter movie last night.  I liked it--loved the scenery and it's truth to the story line, but it felt....disjointed.  Like reading a summary of the chapters rather than a flowing narrative. I am curious as to how they will finish the final chapters of this last tale.  I do love the story though, and it has been wonderful to see how the actors have followed the roles throughout the years.  Watching Harry and his friends grow up on the screen...  I will miss it when it is done, and may have to repurchase the movies to have a complete collection.  Eric and I have been trying to engage in some work and some play while he has been off work these past two weeks.  We have shampooed the carpets, we have done some organizing, and I got all the quilt blocks embroidered that I needed to finish.  Now all that is left is cutting out the sashing and setting squares, then sewing it together. The final step will be to quilt them, which I will also do on the machine. 

Skye *may* be coming down with her first cold.  She seemed like she was running a fever yesterday when we were at the bowling alley for Aurora's match, and she has slept a ton today--more so than is normal for her.  She also sounds sorta "snuffly" when she breathes.  She hasn't been terribly fussy though, and I have to laugh: I had her all day, then when Brie got home from work she asked if we would watch her longer so that she could go to a movie with a friend. Aurora has her right now, and when I went to check on her, Skye was sound asleep again in her lap. 

Today is my first real chance to be on the laptop these last couple of days.  Aurora was using it for school and it got taken downstairs.  I have been so busy with things that getting on the desktop ones seemed impractical. So I am trying to catch up on things today, including 74 emails to read.  I am pleased to announce that my program change was accepted, and now my MS will be in Clinical Psych and Child & Adolescent Development.  I am registered for the first subspecialty class for January, and I am very excited about it.  There will be three of us taking post HS classes in the household come January, and 2 in high school; Patrick will be the only non-student.

I am still fussing with the dregs of that cold from hell; it was a month yesterday that I started with it.  Now it's down to a nagging cough and an "allergy-type-head" in the morning--sneezing, runny nose, etc.  I have gone through two boxes of tissues and two boxes of pseudophed...

This is gonna be another busy weekend. Aurora has a bowling tournament this Saturday, Rei has youth bowling, and I am babysitting. Eric and Brie are working.  Sunday should (hopefully) be a bit tamer.  Anyhow, that is the news from this end of the week.  Here's to staying warm over these coming chilly days!

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