Saturday, March 26, 2011

To lighten things up a bit:

My grandson Justin just called me to share that he lost his first tooth all by itself (remember, he knocked out his top two front teeth when I was in Minneapolis after a fall and hitting them on the cement step at my mom's). He was eating a "hard apple and it camed out all by itself" and he swallowed it!  That was ok though, because he made a paper tooth for the tooth fairy, so she isn't sad. I told him I wanted a picture of his new toothless smile.

My granddaughter Alexis, not to be left out, informed me she still had all her teeth.  When I told her baby Skye had one tooth, she asked where, and when I told her, Justin hollered (I was on speaker phone at their house) that she had the one he "losed"! Gave me a giggle. Then, Andrea said she had a few cute outfits that Alexis had long outgrown and was thinking of sending them this way for Skye, but Alexis didn't care for that idea at all, saying she would be sad if her clothes came to Grandma's house for Skye.  Again, it was worth a giggle.

Oh how I miss my little ones!  They make me smile!

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