Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March First!

Wow, where did the last  month go? It went by so fast!

I am finally feeling better.  The cold is resolving into sniffles, the cough is miniscule, and the antibiotics have generally taken care of the other nasty bugs in my system.  So nice to feel human again!

Schoolwork is progressing. This is Eric's last week of classes for a few weeks, and we are both looking forward to his having some down time. He resumes a day schedule at work this week, and we can hopefully find "normal" again to our daily routine. That, and get some regular sleep!  I have three weeks left, and it's going well. I love being a student!

The weather today has beein wonderful. Sunday night the temps climbed into the low sixties and we had thunderstorms and tornadoes at midnight. We were out of the danger zone by a number of miles, but a funnel was spotted over Mascoutah that touched down in St Alban's (where we turn off to go to the winery). We had a bit of lawn furniture blown over, and the hail and light-show from the lightening was pretty intense. We actually gathered in the main floor living room (out of bed) just in case because the sirens kept blowing and the weather forecasters showed us the storm was on top of us...  They actually got it right! As I said, we were fine, although there were other communities not too far away who weren't so lucky.

Brie had a nice time in Oklahoma, and "Little Bit" was glad to be home. She has had a nice morning with Eric and I and just fell asleep on my bed. She started sitting independently the end of last week and she is so proud of herself--has finally found her center of gravity! The rest of the kids are doing fine; I think they too are getting over their colds, and so forth. I am having some ups and downs with my son right now, and prayers would be appreciated for patience and strength on both sides... 

I have started Weight Watcher's online today, with Liisa, and possibly a girlfriend of mine. I have been pondering it for awhile now, and decided the time was ripe to do something for me. Eric is fully supportive of it, and as he wants to lose a bit too, he is going to follow along with me. My sister has done fabulous on it, and I was successful using the program in the past, so we'll see if I can stick with it this time! My biggest issue, if I am honest with myself, is I love my carbs, and I love to eat what and when I want. I need to be more cognizant of portion sizes and eating more fruits and veggies. And for sure, I need to up my movement quotient--I have become a couch potato deluxe! The nice weather is coming though and I enjoy walking, and I think I would like to get a bike too.  So I have a plan!  We'll see how it goes!

That's the news from down here for today!

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