Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mid-week slump?

It's Wednesday, and I have my first assignment due by midnight tonight, a posting comparing and contrasting some psychotherapy methods we read about in our textbook.  I am almost done with the reading, but am taking it a bit slow because I cannot shake this sinus headache and tight chest.  In fact, I am off to the clinic in about 40 minutes or so to get checked out--I believe it has become a sinus infection for sure, and I am a little concerned that my chest still feels so tight and I get easily short of breath.  I don't have asthma per-se, but I did get bronchitis a lot as a teen and young adult, and in recent years have needed an inhalor at random times after bad colds...  I am feeling better, just am tired of these dregs hanging on (and I am guessing Eric is tired of my whining). 

Patrick got his first paycheck, and it was a healthy one, heehee.  We went to the bank yesterday to open him a couple of accounts (savings and checking), but his military ID has expired and he doesn't have a driver's license, so that is on the agenda for today--Eric will run him on base and get a current ID for the boy so he can open his accounts.  Right now that check is burning a hole in his pocket because as a piece of paper it does him little good.  I *think* he is doing ok keeping up on homework etc. with working, but we'll see.  He too has a cough that is bugging him off and on, and if it continues, I may drag his butt in to get it listened to also!  Brie still hasn't done much about checking in with KK that I am aware of.  She is now planning to go to MN with Rei and I this weekend, so that should be fun.  Perhaps we can have a few conversations about her plans etc. somewhere on the drive.  She seems to be doing ok, but just seems content to be home and not do much else (other than hang with friends when they are available).  I would like to see her add some structure to her days.

Aurora is winding up the cross country season.  She now thinks she has shin splints, as her calves are bugging her when she runs.  Poor kid can't win for losing!  She had a big meet yesterday, and she runs again on Saturday, so she and Patrick will both be home with Eric.  Should be a quiet weekend for her, with Eric and Patrick both working for much of it. 

The dog frustrations continue to a small degree, this time with Leina.  She ate three-quarters of a pizza on Friday night.  It was in it's box, on the kitchen table, awaiting the kids' getting home from the football game (along with Gyros, which were on the island).  She helped herself to it between Eric putting Po outside and bringing him back in; he found the box and one small slice on the floor in front of the kitchen door, and Leina put herself in her kennel...  She also ate the three remaining pitas that we were saving for the kids... (they were on top of the styrofoam container with the meat in it).  She has also trashed the trash on almost a daily basis if the kids leave the pantry door open, and she is being really naughty!  I am surprised she isn't sick from all she has eaten!  It's so frustrating!  Eric and I are at our wit's end trying to figure out how to counter the naughtiness!

Work is really picking up of late, and my shifts are steadily busy.  I have not been as lucky with my teaching; students just are not signing up for my class offerings at the times I am offering them.  I have set my schedule for January and February now, and I hope I get some takers.  I am also picking up spur of the moment classes as there is a need.  Which reminds me, I also need to get my entries ready for the arts and craft show on base--the deadline for entries is Friday and I have a few things I want to enter.

Anyhow, that is what is going on around here.  Brie, Rei, and I will leave for MN on Thursday, after Rei gets home from school, and we will be back Monday evening, around 10 pm or so.  I probably won't post anything more until then, but I will have my laptop with me, so we'll see...

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