Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I really have not done any decorating for the day/night/season as yet, because of all the rain we have had, but since it is supposedly done, I will tidy the front and put out some decorations when I get home from work.  I am doing a demo from 11 - 1 pm on making a "hairpin lace" scarf (looks like a loopy boa).  Our area got hit fairly hard from flash flooding and the rains--both entrances to our neighborhood from the air force base were closed due to water on the road from the creek(s) flooding, and Eric watched one car floating off the road who tried to run it; he ended up going back out onto the freeway and around the airport to get back to our house after grocery shopping!  So glad he decided to drive me to work yesterday and pick me up: we saw one car in the ditch in the treeline who had apparently hydroplaned off the interstate and into the water (this was in the rain on my way to work).  The water levels are starting to drop around here, but there still is very little place for the water to really go.

Eric did go with me yesterday to pick out some new glasses.  I actually bought 3 pair.  One pair is a dedicated reader (single presription) and I am dumbfounded at how clearly I can again see things to read close up--may not even need my maginfier for cross stitching for awhile!  The other 2 were clearance pairs (50% off) as well, so I did buy 2 for daily wear--a pair and a spare!  The woman who helped us agreed that with the strengths of my prescriptions it's better I not be without a backup pair, and given I wear them 16-18 hours each and every day, it's nice to have a backup so I can change them at up at whim.  I did get the anti-reflective coating put on them too, so I am excited to see how that will impact my night driving.  They should be ready in a week or so.  Part of me felt guilty for spending the money (I had it in my savings) but as Eric said, it is my vision, and I need to be able to see clearly to do all that I do (reading, school work, handwork).  As much as I feel a bit self-indulgent (there is a time not-so-long-ago I would have bought just one pair, at the cheapest possible rate I could get away with, no bells or whistles to them), and that side of me is pinching a bit, I am so excited to have them.  I have already made use of the readers and I like them a lot.  (The only drawback is they do close work only and the distance is blurred if I look up to check out the tv or something... But once I have the bifocals, that won't be an issue if I want to multi-task!).

Eric is off with the boys to the bowling alley, and I am going to finish up this week's assignments for class.  Then I am off to work as well. I am sure hoping we see some peeks of sunlight today.  They say it's supposed to be dry, but I really need sunlight too!  Then it will be home for chores and to ready for the trick or treaters!

Happy Halloween!

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