Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just a quick update...

I saw the eye doctor today and my distance vision needed a correction in my right eye, and my close vision (in the bifocal) needed strengthening in my left eye.  I have a new prescription and I hope Eric will be willing to go with me to get new glasses ordered.  I found a pair at the eye doctor that I fell in love with, but given the frames by themselves are $359, and the progressive lenses will be around $250, I am guessing that won't be on the list of priorities.  The doc did agree that I should consider getting a pair of readers to just keep at my bedside for reading or stitching, and I may do that just because...  He also recommended getting an anti-reflective coating put on my new lenses so that it minimizes some of the glare when driving at night.  I may try that too, given all the driving I now do.

Work has settled down a little bit, now that one of our major sales is over.  I like it steadily busy, but the rain we have had has drown out our business!  I am so tired of rain.  Walking in the grass is like walking in a marsh--you hear the water squelch under your feet, and if barefooted, actually sink into the muck!  The creeks near us have overflowed their banks, the reservoir is high, and the ditches look like small creeks.  Many fields are flooded, and we have a number of local farmers that have not yet brought in crops because the ground is so over saturated.  We are supposed to have rain the better part of the next few days, with an expected total of 2-4 more inches...  I am just really tired of how gloomy it is outside, and how dim it can be inside.  Not to mention chilly and damp.  It feels like we never completely dry out (shoes, hoodies, umbrellas...)  I almost envy Colorado it's snow--at least that is managable (lol); for me anyhow!

Justin and Alexis got their Halloween treat bags from us this week, and I am so glad they like them.  I can't wait to see pics of them in costume: Alexis is gonna be Tinkerbell, and Justin is gonna be Peter Pan.  Tony is safely back from Idaho, and is home for a bit.  I am glad he is staying put for at least a little while.  It would be sad if he had to miss trick-or-treating with the kids.  Which reminds me, I need to still get candy....  Actually, we need a whole grocery shopping trip this weekend!

Anyhow, that is what is new today.  Am so wishing it was warm and sunny!

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Deb said...

it is raining and blustery here today. we are going to mystic lake buffet for dinner shortly. i hope the rain holds off while we do it. do you watch glee?