Monday, September 13, 2010

Gorgeous Monday!

This weekend was a weekend of mixed blessings.  We had a significant amount of "family time" (at least me and most of the kids) when we went to the air show on Saturday, and then we had a quiet day Sunday, when the kids all had their own plans, Eric was working, and I was left to my own devices.  I got some things cleaned that needed cleaning, and I scrapped a project I was trying to start that just wasn't working for me (I need to order some new knitting needles from Knit that have a sharper point).  I spent some time Saturday remembering some life-changing events from the past, and thinking about Jim's mom, who died 16 years ago on the 11th; I also enjoyed some quality time with baby Skye.

We have resumed our normal summery temperatures, and the blue skies and white fluffy clouds are amazing, with just enough bite in the breezes to appreciate that fall is just around the corner.  Eric is working a ton of overtime these last two weeks, and I am really looking forward to trying to have some "us" time tomorrow when he has his sole day off til Saturday.  He also starts school this week, so Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights are now occupied again, with Wednesday nights reserved for Bowling.  The kids start youth league again on Saturday as well, so my weekend mornings are firmly committed for the coming months.  There are no firm plans as yet to when (or if) Brie will start working, and she is gonna be running around later to drop of and pick up more applications. I guess I will be babysitting while she does so (we are gonna need to work on asking versus assuming with regard to babysitting duties, not that I mind helping out--so far Skye is NOT a lot of work!)

I have been in sorta' a funk off and on the past few days, either up or down, with little in between.  I have been engrossed in another series of fantasy fiction and have been easily enticed into while-ing away my hours in Dublin, Ireleand vs focusing on the here and now.  I am a bit disappointed in myself for doing this, yet cannot seem to do otherwise either.  I feel directionless and unmotivated to get moving right now.  It's just too easy to just "be".  I am liking it, but I am not...  If I attempt to label it I could probably call it "passive avoidence" because there are things to be done, even things I enjoy and not just chores/obligations, but I cannot seem to get enthused about any of them at the moment.  I feel like I am "on hold" at the moment; I get ready to start something, but something else comes up that sidetracks me, then when I go to get back on track, something else comes along, whether it's the baby, one of the kids needing something (like to be driven somewhere), or my own distractability.  I need to make myself a schedule, then keep to it!  This sense that I have all the time in the world to get to it is kicking my ass!

We have had a slight change in plans, and my mom, sister, and friend are NOT coming down to visit us any time soon.  Liisa and Jesse, however, are planning to come down for Oct. 1st.  Yes, Liisa and Jesse C.  They are back together again, although I am not sure what exactly their status is.  They haven't labelled it for us, and I am not asking.  As long as they are working out their differences, and are content within their relationship, it's not my place to ask too many questions.  I am glad about it though.

Anyhow, that is what's new around here.  I think I need to go outside for a bit and soak up some vitamin D!

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