Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's gonna be a long weekend

for my poor husband.  He has worked 40 hours of overtime these last two weeks on top of his regular 80-84 hour work schedule.   He has essentially had one day of to every three to four days on.  He is burning out on it, as am I.  I miss him not being around much.  This is on top of his full time class schedule, which runs this term on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings (with league bowling on Wednesday evenings).  He volunteered for all the overtime as he felt he could do it, but he says this next schedule he won't take on as much.  He needs the rest!  He is, however, working today thru Sunday of this weekend, which makes him sad cuz his dad is going to be here visiting for most of those days. 

Baby Skye is on a growth spurt, and she is eating every 45 mins to 1.5 hours when awake, then napping for up to three hours when she finally crashes.  Poor Brie feels like a vending machine, the baby wants to eat so frequently!  We have supplemented a bit with formula, but it gives Skye tummy aches if she gets too much, so we try to limit that to only when necessary.  I can't get over what a strong little baby she is--she is so alert, and so squiggly!  She studies everything!  I am really enjoying her being here with us, and I get more than my fill of holding her.  Being only 4 weeks old today, I don't think she is "spoiled"per se.  I don't think holding and comforting a newborn is spoiling at all.  It sure is hard to believe 4 weeks have gone by so quickly already though.

I got my shipwreck shawl all blocked out over the past two days, and it turned out fabulous.  I do see in one spot where I had dropped a stitch and it ravelled back; I didn't catch the stitch back up perfectly so the "ladder" is a little twisted on a couple of "rungs".  Oh well, it's only noticeable to me.  No one else would probably even catch it unless really studying it, and it won't be easy to spot when being worn.  I am very proud of it!  I may enter it in the arts and crafts show this fall at the base.  I also got my new knit pick needles today in the mail.  Eric let me order the set of interchangeables from them in the wood called "harmony".  They are beautiful needles, and they are just what I needed for this latest project: another lace shawl, this time in 100% kid mohair (so cobweb lace).  On the needles I had been using the stitches fell right off the needle and were hard to work with because the needles had such a dull point.  I have already done two rows with these new needles and it has been an amazing difference!  Good tools make all the difference between doing things right and making due...

Homecoming Spirit week has continued.  Rei and Aurora went dressed as Nerds on Tuesday, and looked "adorkable"; Wednesday Aurora went dressed in the fashion of the 1980's, and participated in the powderpuff football game yesterday afternoon. Senior girls won! Today she went dressed as a construction worker, and Rei and his friends went dressed as color crayons (they had primary color t-shirts on that Brie decorated with the crayola logo and their colors on them with fabric paint).  I don't remember what tomorrow is...  Then there is still the football game and the dance.  Rei is taking his latest girlfriend to the dance; Aurora decided not to go this year (we tried hard to convince her to go--she went last year and Rei stayed home).  

The pastor came over and met with Brie on Tuesday, so everything is now set for the baptism, except for my making the dress.  I will do that next week (when I have money to go buy the fabrics).  Brie also took her placement test for math, and will be taking a non-credit refresher math class come spring term.  She got herself all stressed out leading up to this test, and is concerned how she is going to manage everything (work, baby and school) come January, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.  Still no job as yet, despite her optomism about the one application.  

Honestly, I am less in a funk than I had been, but I still feel sorta stressed.  Wish I understood why!  Yes, life is complicated right now, but I feel like I have a good handle on most of it.  And I am making a game plan to deal with the rest...  I guess I just need to trust that God knows where I am headed and he keeps me staying the course!  

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