Monday, September 20, 2010

I know, it's been a week...

We had to turn the airconditioner back on last night.  It was so muggy and humid that there was no way we could sleep comfortably otherwise.  We will need it on for the next few days, as temps are headed back into the low 90's for the week.  Yuck! 

Today is the start of Spirit Week at the high school, and Rei went dressed in the neighbor's bridal gown.  It was cross-dressing day.  He had his hair curled, and makeup on, pink nail polish, and so on...  It was interesting!  He made a funny looking, gangly girl.  Aurora went dressed in Rei's clothes as a boy.  I haven't seen her.  I only saw Rei because he ended up calling me to bring him a shirt and bring the dress home because he was getting way too hot in it.  It was worth a laugh and Brie apparently took pictures. 

I have been in a funk the better part of the weekend and today.  Nothing really going on to account for it, it just is.  Eric and I did go on a date on Saturday and that was wonderful--we went out to dinner and then saw the movie Inception. It was really good, with some surprising twists to it.  I think we may buy it when it comes out on DVD.  I really liked Shutter Island too, nother movie with Leondaro DiCaprio in it.  He has done some interesting films.  Anyhow, despite my funk I am getting a few things done that need doing, so I have to take some pride in that.  I also am looking forward to my company these next two weekends.  Eric's folks will be here on Friday and his dad will stay with us while his mom goes to St Louis; they return home on the 28th.  Then Liisa and Jesse will be here on the 1st and I cannot wait to see them.  I am planning a trip to Mpls the following Friday for the weekend (the 8th to the 11th) for me and whomever of the kids are interested in coming up.  Yeah...  Lots on the docket the next three weekends.  Should be interesting.  In the meantime I need to get the baptismal gown made for our baby, and I need to start working on my professional wardrobe again, as well as make headway on cleaning out the sewing room of boxes and mess.

It was really fun to take the baby to the fabric store yesterday and show her off to some of my favorite people who were working.  I miss the people, but not the job.  I also miss the discount... I miss having a routine and a structure to my day.  That truthfully is my goal for these coming weeks leading up to my guests.  Figuring out a structure to the day so that I feel productive and not lazy.  Anyhow, that is where I am at for today.  Time to change the load of laundry!

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