Thursday, September 9, 2010

A rainy Thursday

It's a gloomy, rainy day today, perfect for cocooning inside and hanging out.  We are dealing with the fallout from tropical storm Hermine that left tornados in Dallas yesterday.  The only really concerning part is that the air show is this weekend, and two years ago, the rain made for an uncrowded but muddy day...  Eric is fussing with a cold, and I am just fussing, so we are making it a quiet day here in our bedroom (to minimize germs for the baby). 

Yesterday Skye had a rough day.  She wanted to nurse but she didn't; she wanted to sleep but she didn't, and poor Brie got a taste of what "fussy baby" is all about.  It was hard on both of them, but they got through it (I spend a few hours helping to hold and cuddle just to give them both a break from feeling stressed).  Skye is starting to fill out a bit, so my guess is she is gaining weight nicely.  She has her first doctor's appointment next Thursday. Two weeks old today!  The time really does go by fast.

Eric didn't do so well grade-wise last term and is frustrated with himself.  This new term starts on Monday and he is planning to do a few things differently.  Fortunately his work came around and he will continue to be on day shifts through December (to accommodate his evening classes).  His initial request had been refused, but when he went through channels they reconsidered that decision.  I am going to be talking to my school as well about maybe adding on another program to the one I have been in-- one with a focus on children and adolescents...  I don't want to change my degree program exactly (I still want to do the internship) but from an applicability standpoint, perhaps this would help.  I am going to also look into an LMFT focus and see if that would significantly change things around.  Lots to consider!

I am thinking about making a trip up to Minneapolis the second week of October (that weekend) for Jesse's annual land party, and we'll see if that pans out or not.  Jesse wants Rei to come up for it for sure, even offering to help fly him up, but I had told family I would try to come up then too when I was last there (in July), and I'd like to go, if that works out.  Brie is looking at potentially having a job with a restaurant in Lebanon, but has no idea of hours or schedule yet.  I am thinking she may need to ask for that time off if I go, so she can come too, as I will be her daycare (unless she wants me to just bring the baby with me--but that would mess up nursing); that is one of the factors that will play into my decision. 

The kids are all doing fine, busy with their own schedules and activities.  Nothing new or exciting to talk about there.  Justin has started Kindergarten and "Loves school!"  He is also playing peewee soccer with the park team up there.  How I wish I could go to his games and practices!  Alexis is bumming because she is NOT going to school and she really wants to go too; she will (hopefully) be going to preschool like Justin did, also at the park, a few days a week.  I miss my little ones something fierce!

That's all I have on my mind for now!  Time to curl up with a good book and relax again!

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