Monday, November 15, 2010

Hey it's Monday!

The baby and I are sitting here on the bed, the sunshine is streaming into the bedroom and feels lovely, and I am trying to find some energy to go downstairs and start tackling some chores.  I am on day 5 of this horrid cold, and my energy level is nil right now, but I have a simple crockpot meal I want to put together and have come slowly all day long so that is step one on my agenda.  Then step 2 is to clean the kitchen.  Eric pitched in last night and did a load of dishes in the dishwasher, but given I have kept to my bed/bedroom most of the weekend, not much has been done downstairs other than "living."  The kids have gathered down there, Eric has been in and out, and I will admit, I boycotted doing anything other than trying to rest and take care of Skye.  Considering how much I have napped and slept these last few days one would think I would be bouncing with energy, but I'm not.  My muscles ache from coughing, and I am so tired of sneezing and blowing my nose...

Enough complaints.  Skye is being wonderful, and I am grateful she is an easy baby.  Eric has been wonderful too, and I appreciate him so much.  Saturday night he took us all out to Olive Garden for dinner for Aurora's birthday, and that was lovely for the most part (Brie decided she and Skye wouldn't join us because it was too late for her to be out with an early day on Sunday). Then, last night, Eric ordered Pizza for dinner, because he didn't have the kitchen ready for cooking in.  He has taken good care of me though, and I appreciate his patience with me. 

Goals for this week include catching up on chores, getting as many blocks embroidered as I can so that I can sew the two quilt tops together, getting my FAFSA form filled out for financial aid for the school year (so I can get enrolled in my next classes), and getting laundry put away (I need some empty baskets again!).  It's Eric's long week at work, and his last week of classes too, so I am gonna be on my own quite a bit.  Oh, and my last goal is to try and get healthy.  I am so tired of being sick!

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