Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am on day three of seven babysitting the little one. She is 8 weeks old on thursday. Eric is off today, so we are enjoying Skye together. She is such an easy baby to take care of. She eats, naps, smiles, and is starting to coo and laugh.

I am using this time home to work on starting Christmas gifts for people, and I have even bought our first gift! So nice to be started. Eric and I went out on Saturday and got some things for the house again. We decided to add to the gardens so we have bulbs for spring; we got some things to add to storage in the master bathroom and closet; and we got some paint chips to decide on colors for the "master suite"--bedroom, bathroom,and closet. That is our starting point for now. It makes me really happy to see things coming together.

Brie got the paternity test done last week and it looks like the results may be here. Now to wait impatiently for her to get home and open them...

Update: the results state emphatically that Skye's father is the person Brie said it was, with a 99.999% certainty. She is pleased and relieved to have it official. Now to start the ball rolling on child support...
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