Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just an update...

I am needing to get things ready for our trip to Minneapolis.  We are leaving tomorrow after school: Aurora, Patrick, Reimond, Brie, Skye, Ryan (Rei's friend), and me.  Eric is staying home because of work all weekend (and he can keep track of the dogs).  The rest of us are all going.  Aurora has an appointment on Friday at the U of MN for a tour and visit, while the rest of the kids hang out at Liisa's, and probably the mall of america.  Saturday we are going up to Jesse's land in Princeton for his annual lawn tractor races and cookout.  Looks like the weather should be stellar!  Sunday it now looks like Mom will do a Sunday dinner at her house for all of us.  At least, that is the game plan as of right now.  A part of me is ready and raring to go first thing tomorrow morning, however, part of me is dreading the long drive and arriving at 1-2 am.  Patrick can help me with the driving (at least potentially), and Brie will have Aurora along in her car--more room for the baby stuff if we take 2 cars.  I have really been missing my mom and my sister and my grandbabies and my kids.  My brothers too, for that matter, but I am needing some "girltime". 

Eric and I went out to lunch today after he woke up, just so we could touch base a little.  He has tomorrow off as well, then is back on Friday thru Sunday, overnights this week.  He has class tomorrow night as well.  We really haven't spent very much time together, even with his being off this past weekend because life has been so very full.  I have missed our time together.

Liisa and Jesse arrived safely down here mid Saturday afternoon.  I got all the sewing done I needed to do for the baptism--both the dress and the "towel" used in the ceremony.  The ladies at the church loved the baptismal towel I made and have asked me to make up some more for them to have at the church.  I said I would even be willing to personalize them if I get enough advance warrning as I did Skye's, with her full name and the date.  The dress turned out lovely too, although I am not happy with the button holes.  For whatever reason, I didn't do a very good job on them.  We spent Saturday evening here just hanging out, after running to the mall for some things Brie needed for the baby.  Sunday's baptism was lovely and Skye didn't cry through the ceremony, although she bellowed quite well during the sermon.  Brie took her back and changed her pants--that little girl does not like to have a dirty diaper!  We then went to brunch at the Winery after the service, and it was lovely to be there with everyone.  We had a nice afternoon.  We went home, and the Soulak side of the kids went one way, and the Maze side of the kids went another for the afternoon, while Eric and I babysat little Skye.  She was very good for us.  We watched some tv, and called it a night after everyone got home.  Monday was low key around here til the kids got home from school; Eric napped prior to work, and the kids and I went apple picking.  They we hit a bar on Main Street that has $1 tacos for the evening.  Lots of families were there enjoying a beer and the food, so it wasn't out of place to have the teens and the infant there with us.  We got home around 9ish, in time to watch a little tv and then call it a night.  I was exhausted!  Tuesday morning, Liisa took the kids all out to breakfast before school, then her and Jesse took off around 9:30 am.  They got home a bit after 9 last night, taking their time to drive home.

That left me with Tuesday afternoon and today to generally get ready for our trip north.  Tomorrow is the embroidery club meeting, and I may blow that off to have a morning with Eric.  I do need to run onto base and drop off my submissions for the Arts and Crafts show.  I am going to enter my Shipwreck Shawl, the baptismal gown, and the napkin/towel I made.  The show is next week.

Anyhow, that is what is new in our world.  Brie, Aurora, and Skye are back from running a couple of errands so my peace and quiet is at an end...

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