Friday, October 29, 2010

It's difficult to find computer time with a baby!

I forgot on some level how time consuming babies can be!  Skye sleeps, eats, and needs to be changed on her schedule, not mine, and we are in the process of trying to develop a routine that works for both of us.  It sure has cut down on my internet time though, and knitting anything complicated has moved to a back burner during the day.  Brie is working a guarenteed 40 hours a week, and she actually went in for an extra 5 hours today because they needed help.  She's on her way home now, then she wants me to go with to Skye's 2 month physical.  I'm ok with helping out, but I have a lot of my own things I need/want to do too.  I have a number of Christmas gifts I want to continue working on, and they too take time to do the way I want them done.

I have been really concerned over the past few days over my nephew Colin.  He had been sick with a headache and extremely high fever for a few days, and they thought it was a virus; when the temp stayed in the 104 degree range, they took him in, then over to the ER.  He has viral meningitis.  They did send him home, with pain meds for the head and back ache, and strong ibuprofen for the fever.  Kristi said his fever is more manageable today, but he still aches terribly, and has the chills.  Poor kid!  Like my boys, he is tall and skinny, with no extra body fat at all, and things hit him hard.  My son Anthony had this too about a month and a half ago; not sure where or how they have picked something so serious up!  Kristi said she is wiping down all community surfaces with bleach wipes to sterilize anything he might have come in contact with at home so he doesn't pass it on to anyone else.

Eric is a bit perturbed with me.  Aurora needs a sports physical for the high school bowling season, and that starts Monday, so I had suggested he take her this morning. He wanted me to take her, but between babysitting (didn't want to take the baby with to the Minute Clinic at Walgreens and expose her to "sick people"), and her doctor's appt this afternoon, it would be around 3-4 before I could run her over.  He does have homework to do, which he has procrastinated on doing, and of course, when I suggested he just take Aurora and go now, he said "but I was just about to start my homework!" I know he needs to get this done, but I am getting frustrated with everything taking precedence to his studies, then him getting mad when he cannot get things done "last minute" because other things do come up.  I am only one person, and I can't do everything, including manage his time for him.  This is such a sticky point between us, and I have to leave it be.  I am also doing my best NOT to feel guilty for not taking Aurora earlier in the morning or later this afternoon but it's hard.

Speaking of school, I have decided to add a subspecialty to my program, that of Child and Adolescence.  It means an additional 5 classes, but it will help buy time towards getting an internship site set up and allow me to maintain my active student status.  I really do hate the way they have the practicum program set up, and I also hate how limited some of my options are around here for finding a site that meets the stringent requirements Capella has.  I figure this is the best of all possible options, and then, if a practicum site is still not in the cards for me, I will switch my degree over to counselling psych from clinical, just to have it done.

I owe a few people some cards and/or emails for their various birthdays this month, but life has been so wild around here trying to get things figured out that I haven't been out and about much (e.g. to go buy my usual stack of cards), and as I said at the start of this, having time to be on the computer for emailing or even facebooking! 

Sounds like Brie is home, and I still need to get my hair dried. Have a good weekend all!

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