Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another snow day...

We here in Mascoutah got about 4-5 inches of snow overnight, and to hear the forecasters describe it, we are almost in the middle of a blizzard--"We are in STORM MODE beginning at 4 am and staying with you all throught the morning hours!" I grant you, there was a patch just north of the city that did get a foot, but for the most part, it's manageable.  Still, school has been cancelled all over, and everyone is encouraged to stay home or take it slow. I went out and drove Patrick to work on generally unplowed streets and it wasn't too bad, even in my van, which can get stuck in a parking lot...  I won't, however, be driving today to Fairview Heights to go pick up my sewing machine today, which is back from being serviced.

Skye is laying here next to me being a little bugger.  She wants her bottle, but to play with it.  And when I set it aside, she squeals in a loud, shrill, ear-piercing screech. When one speaks of running on toddler time, let me point out that infants have no sense of time what-so-ever!  And today she wants her bottle, but she also wants to be sitting upright, looking at everything under the sun, chewing on the nipple (because she is teething dreadfully right now) and taking little sips, while also smiling and cooing over everything the cats are doing nearby (which is primarily trying to sleep).

I can't remember now if I posted about Aurora's tournament at St Clair bowl on Saturday, but she came in 14th out of 320 girls.  We were very proud of her.  Tuesday night was Senior night at the bowling alley and she was disappointed she didn't bowl as well as she expected of herself, but it was still a very nice afternoon/evening for the girls, and they were celebrated. Eric and I went with Skye, and Brie joined  us after a doctor's appt. and before heading off to class.

I haven't mentioned it here before, but in December Rei started talking to a therapist whom we both really like. I think she is going to be good for him, but she is of the opinion he should be on a mood stabilizer. I  concur with her, and we had an appointment with his GP yesterday, who has decided to refer us on to a psychiatrist, reason being med assessment for a teen can be tricky. His GP said he'd be happy to follow up and prescribe for Rei once we have him stabilized on something, but he'd prefer to have an expert make the initial recommendation of what to use.  I can see that too. So now begins the long haul of finding someone fairly local that will get us in at a relatively reasonable time frame, and not cost an arm and a leg (so many psychiatrists are going independent of insurance companies, where you pay them directly, then submit it to your own insurance for out of network repayment).  Needless to say, I am girding myself to make lots of phone calls over the next few workdays.  The thought isn't that Rei is bipolar, per se. Rather it's that his moods are cycling and unpredictable, and he could use some help to get those chemicals back in balance.

I have to be honest that I didn't get my assignment done that was due last night. I am going to do it today/tonight, as well as get the one due for Saturday done early.  Yesterday I babysat from 5:30 am when Skye got up, until she went to bed last night, along with Rei's doctor's appointment (where the doc was running an hour plus behind schedule and we had to wait, with Skye, in the waiting room), and dealing with misc. side issues related to being female.  Needless to say, yesterday sucked! Eric is on his short week this week, which I appreciate (and we got a lot of things done this past Monday and Tuesday that needed doing), but he is headed back onto night shift (or Mids as he calls them) for the next 2 months. Life is again gonna get topsy-turvy around here! After being on strictly days for the past almost 9 months, he felt it was better not to push the issue, even with classes in the evening, and we are gonna work around things.

I am also sad to say that my laptop, which I adore and have had for almost 5 years now has a broken hinge and the screen doesn't want to stay upright.  I had let it be borrowed to get homework completed on because I have word 2007 on it, and my guess is that the screen got pushed all the way open and flat, which snapped the hinge.  I now cannot close it properly either, and while I can still use it (it has all my bookmarks and school stuff and basically my life on it), I am not sure for how long I'll be able to "make-do."  It's not like we need to go get me another one--between the desktop and Eric's new laptop I can deal; I just need to figure out how to get everything transferred over.

Looking out the window the snow has started falling again: big, fluffy flakes.  It's probably because Rei just got in from shovelling the driveway and sidewalks.  It had let up when I was driving Patrick earlier. Brie also called and said her classes tonight have been cancelled, so she'll be home tonight.  I can say I am grateful that Skye slept in a bit this morning and wasn't up at 5:30, although between all the phone calls (related to the roads and school closings) I have been up for the most part since then. I am feeling a little crabby, although the caramel mocha I got at McDonalds when I dropped Patrick off has helped.

Anyhow, That's the update from around here today! Skye has fallen asleep, so I am gonna post this (after taking almost 2 hours to write it) and focus on homework!

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