Sunday, December 6, 2009

Couple of things to celebrate!!!

It's been kinda an exciting day for out military family members!  Brianne was awarded her promotion to E4, Specialist, this morning at the National Guard Christmas party (I was there with her, representing the family)... We ate lots and it was fun to see all the people there.  Then tonight, Tony called Eric to say he had won the brigade level of an "ultimate soldier-Army" competition, which qualifies him to go to the division level next...  More studying ahead in his future!  Some of his superiors referred to him as Sargent, although he has not officially been promoted yet, leading him to wonder if they know something he doesn't...  I am so very proud of both of my kids!  They are working hard, and they deserve to be acknowledged!

Liisa and Jesse have had a wonderful time on their Myrtle Beach vacation; they had quite the adventure horseback riding this morning (including Jesse's horse kicking out at the other horses repeatedly, and all the horses having some "attitudes")...  They will be flying home to Minneapolis tonight and she is eager to see her "dogbabies". 

Aurora also had an exciting day yesterday: she bowled extremely well at the high school tournament, and came in 8th overall (individual scoring-wise).  We are very proud of her as well!  Rei also had a good morning bowling (youth league) so that was fun.

Eric returns to school tomorrow for what may be his final term but unfortunately he has two monday classes: one in the morning, one at night.  For tomorrow anyhow he is going to go straight to school from work (he gets off at 7), sleep in the car a bit (he has a cold weather heavy duty sleeping bag in there now, and a travel pillow), go to class, sleep again for awhile in the car, then do some homework, attend his second class, then come home.  He may or may not stay for the full evening class, but he is of the opinion that it doesn't make a lot of sense to drive an hour each way to only be home for 2 hours, when he could work on stuff there using the library/student center between classes, and/or sleep in the car (more of an option down here where the weather, while cold, isn't deadly like it would be in Minneapolis or further north).  We will take it a week at a time! This is my last week of class til the new year as well, so I am needing to be sure I have everything done and turned in...  No worries there though.  And my sock knitting class was fun!  I had only one student, an older woman who knits, just never has tried socks before, and I enjoyed her very much.  The only catch? I need to knit a sock to stay up with her, so I can show her what comes next.  That means I have started a new sock too, and I will need to be diligent on that so I can show her how to turn the heel and make the gusset next Saturday.  One more project to add to my plate, lol.

Speaking of plates, and looking at the time, I need to go start some dinner for all of us...  I am getting hungry finally!  It has been such a great weekend though (and I have been so grateful to be off for it--it's been crazy busy! I am so proud of the kids for their successes this weekend.  It's been really fun to see and be a part of, both directly and indirectly!

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