Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New furniture and other things

This is my new couch.  It is soft, and cushy, and oh so comfortable.  The old stuff is behind in the kitchen, and that is Eric running the vaccuum cleaner behind where the old couch had sat.  I am so thrilled to have it.

This is the chair and a half and ottoman (it's called that because it is bigger than a regular chair). I love that I can sit in it all cross-legged and be cozy.  The ottoman is also comfortable.

Here I am holding the sold sign that was on the chair when they brought it in.  Don't look too closely at me: I have the crud again (nasal drainage, sore throat, cough, etc) and I hadn't yet showered or put on makeup...

Last of all, this is the love seat.  So far the plan is having the couch along the carpet line with the back facing the kitchen, the loveseat is centered along the middle of the long wall facing the windows, and the chair and ottoman will be slightly angled towards the tv, next to the lamp table, right by the window closest to the back door.  We are going to get rid of the kennel by the door as the dog doesn't use it anyway, and we will be putting the tree in the corner by the window and entertainment center, probably this weekend.

I work tomorrow, and I work from 1 til 8 on Saturday.  Eric works the overnights Wednesday and Thursday, and he has his third class on Wednesday mornings, so we will both be gone tomorrow morning.  I am not sure what the plans will all entail for the weekend, but doing the tree is at the top of the list.  Kristi sent a huge package of gifts to us that arrived today (I hate her--she is already done with shopping and wrapping...  I have about half the shopping done, but none of the wrapping or mailing...)  With regard to the living room, we are thinking we are going to need to still get some end tables (for setting glasses on etc.) and we would also like to get another chair, maybe a recliner/rocker combo.  But for now, we are very satisfied with how it looks and how it is coming together.

Eric is at bowling tonight. Aurora was gonna go with him and practice after her tournament today, but she was unhappy with how she bowled tonight, so she came home instead.  Patrick is working, and Rei is doing homework.  I actually should be doing homework too at the moment, but I wanted to write here first.  Brie made it safely to North Carolina, and she seems to be having a good time from what we have heard (which isn't much).  She said she would be home on Friday. 

I wanted to add that I am doing better since I added prozac into my daily regime.  Things feel brighter again and not as heavy to deal with.  My ability to cope is improving and I am feeling better.  Anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks for the support and encouragement.  It has been a blessing to me.

Now, I am back to studying!

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