Saturday, December 12, 2009

This won't be a very long post

I have very little voice at the moment, and am still so congested I feel like hell...  I went to bed at like 5:30 last night and I am feeling rested, but still not much better.  I really needed the sleep though.  Between getting the last of my assignments done and posted, and worrying about Rei's appointment at Children's, I didn't get much sleep on Thursday night--was after 4 before I dozed off, and it wasn't really very restful sleep at that.

The appointment was long, but I really like his cardiologist, and I also was pleased to see we had the same tech doing the tests as last year--he is just a hoot!  When he put the electrodes on Rei's chest for the EKG Rei was afraid he was gonna get shocked, and the tech implied that "it's easier if you don't know it's coming!" We saw the fistula on the screen and it still is amazing to me how clear some of these things can be seen.  The cardiologist was somewhat concerned because he saw something he wasn't sure about; he was concerned that perhaps Rei's right coronary artery was not getting proper blood flow to his left ventricle, but after consulting with a few other people, he called me back late yesterday afternoon and said that they think it is ok, and that they won't do extra tests at this time after all.  I am so relieved, and so grateful they are being careful.  Rei is still my baby, for all that he is 6 feet tall, and I don't want anything to happen to him.

Brie is still enroute home.  She left NC around noonish yesterday, but elected to pull over at a hotel for the night (good call on her part).  She should be home sometime this afternoon.  She had a wonderful time, and she is really into this guy she went to see.  It is nice to see her happy. I just hope she uses some common sense and doesn't do anything too foolish (though who am I to talk? I married a man I met online, moved 600 miles south, and changed my entire life around in the course of a year's time... And I couldn't be happier!!!!)

Eric took the kids to bowling this morning (Aurora and Rei, anyhow. Patrick had to be at the school to sort fruit for band. Aurora has the afternoon shift).  I am hoping he will take some time today to get the decorating stuff started, as he wanted to work on the lights for the tree etc.  If he doesn't get to it, I will focus on it next week.  I work all this weekend.  I got some wonderful bargins at Joann's yesterday: saved $243 on my purchases (got a doubled employee discount). I spent the bulk of what I bought on a dressmaker's form--I have always wanted one, and this one I can adjust to fit my bust and hips--makes it easier to fit things if I can do it on "someone" else, and at the moment no one down here sews like Liisa and I do, so I don't have much help for me.  It was originally $199, on sale for $99, and I got 30% off of that--I couldn't pass up the opportunity, and Eric was fully supportive of it.  I also got some small things to give for gifts, and overall, what I spent was still way less than the cost of what the dressmaker's form would have been full price (ok, honesty time: I spent $163--but for what I got, and what I saved over the "real prices"--cuz I got the discount on the total purchase, sale prices and all) I couldn't go wrong!

I got the email notice that I got approved to take my integrative project, so I will be writing my masters thesis starting in January.  I am really excited about doing this, and have my topic already in my head.  I just need to do the research and start the process.  I am doing a literature review on Reactive Attachment Disorder, and hope to have a well-rounded presentation on neurobiological causes, emotional disorder representations/manifestations, and treatment options.  I am very excited about it because this is a topic I find fascinating, having worked with many kids with this diagnosis over the years.

That is all for right now. Not sure if I will be posting at all this weekend; I am gonna try to get in to the clinic on Monday and hopefully get an antibiotic.  I am convinced I need one, but the office is closed on the weekends.

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