Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Doing better today!

I called the clinic yesterday morning, and was able to be fitted in yesterday afternoon.  I have bronchitis and a sinus infection.  I have been put on 10 days worth of Augmentin, and already this morning I can feel a small difference.  I also got some decent rest yesterday/last night and that helped too, although I am feeling a bit guilty: I didn't go to the holiday concert at the high school, despite Patrick and Aurora both performing in it.  I just honestly felt too crummy to be there and didn't want to be an interruption with my coughing.  I did run multiple trips back and forth as mom's taxi though. (For that matter, I also missed my sewing machine class, but I called them and can retake that particular class at a later date--the classes are free and can be taken as many times as needed to master the machine). 

I am still struggling a bit to get into the Christmas spirit.  The "plan" had been for Eric to spend the weekend getting the tree and lights organized so we could decorate; the reality was that "other things" got in the way, and while the carpet in the living room got shampooed, the furniture etc. is not back in place, nor has the tree been even hauled out of the garage.  I hate being so far behind!  Christmas is 10 days away and nothing is even looking "christmasy" around here!  I worked all weekend, on top of being sick, so I didn't do more than was necessary myself, and yeah...  Now Eric is on his long week of work, and we have very little time to do anything other than deal with his schedule/work around it.  Hopefully by the time his days off roll up we will be getting back on track for things to get done.  I know it's important for us to develop our own traditions and interactions now that we are a family, and I know these things develop over time.  We had a wonderful "party" on new year's eve last year celebrating "our" Christmas; I'm sure we will figure this one out too.  I just need to let go of all the "musts" and "shoulds" and do what I can with what I have. 

In the meantime, there are gifts to finish up on, and presents to purchase; there are chores to be done, and errands to be run.  I think it's time I start making my lists and checking them twice to be sure I don't forget anything important!

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