Monday, March 1, 2010

Another gloomy Monday!

What is it about Mondays lately around here?  They are dark and grey and gloomy!  Today is an odd sort of Monday anyway, as it is an "Illinois" state holiday, and there is no school--celebrating/commemorating some Polish dude I know nothing about, other than the kids get a day off from school in his honor.  Thus, at almost 11 am, everyone in the house is still in bed (I think--I did hear someone downstairs just a little bit ago).  

Eric took this week off to finish up stuff for his finals week.  He is off at class this morning, and will spend the day there as he also has class this evening.  He has some things to finish up on, and will be done by Wednesday for this term.  I too need to start kicking it into high gear as I have about 3 weeks or so to get my paper done and turned in.  I am doing ok on it, just still struggling a bit with judicious editing.  My biggest issue right now is that I write best when I am left to my own devices and it is quiet, and that has been at a premium around here (quiet alone time).  There is a part of me that really misses living so close to the U of M libraries that were open at random hours where I could go set up at a big table and just "be" away from the distractions of chores, tv sets, and interruptions.  I really don't have anything similar around here that I can go to for hiding at.  Oh well, self-discipline is an asset, or so "they" say, and I have my Zune to pop in my ears (microsoft's answer to the ipod) with soothing instrumental music that blocks out some distractions. It's charged and ready to go!

Not much to report on the kid front this week.  Things are pretty much status quo.  Aurora was supposed to be at a science olympiad this past Saturday, but she was throwing up on Friday night, and ended up staying home cuz she was sick.  She is feeling better, and has taken the weekend nice and slow.  Rei went to Rockford for a winterguard competition; the group came in 4th, and he made me laugh: I had embroidered the names of two of his friends on their respective gear bags for the team, and now the advisor wants me to do the same on bags for the rest of the team after seeing the ones I did at the competition.  (I had done the two just cuz Rei had asked me to). I said I would, and when they asked what I would charge, I settled on $5 per bag.  It takes me about 5 minutes to set it up and run the machine, so it isn't a big deal, and that amount will at least compensate me for more stabilizer and another spool of thread or two.  Rei says there may be 20 bags...  So then I could have some play money besides!

We didn't close on the refinancing on Thursday as planned; they apparently rescheduled it for this week friday because the title company needed more time to get some things transferred on it.  The frustrating part was that they had played phone tag with us on Wednesday, but never told us the actual closing had been rescheduled, so there we sat waiting on them and when an hour had gone by and no one showed up, we called asking questions...  Grrrr!  We did get our taxes all finished too, so that is nice to have that off our agenda.  Once everything is settled the goal is to pay down some debts and figure out what we need next! Landscaping is on the agenda, as is painting some rooms and redoing some floors...  There are days I really miss my tiny house in MN as it was so much easier to keep up on (had I had the money to do what I needed to do for it...)

My coffee cup is empty, and I need to get going on more writing, so I guess I will end here.  We are doing fine here, just taking things a day at a time and leaving the rest in God's hands.  I know there is a plan and a reason for everything, and I just have to have faith that things will be as they are meant to be, all the way around.

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