Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daylight's Savings Time

I just can't get too excited about it.  It has my body all confused and discombobulated!  I got up to the clock saying it was far later than my body felt it was (the kids too for that matter), and I just can't seem to stay motivated on anything!  I have been working on my paper, and it is coming along fine--I am very pleased with my progress.  But I also feel like I am off kilter somehow and that the day is slipping away from me. 

Brie bowled in a Pro-Am tournament last night with a friend (at the base bowling alley) and she won the ladies tournament--got $80 for high scores!  We are very proud of her!  She went to the award ceremony this afternoon and was quite pleased with her scores.  She beat her friend's score by one pin.  Tonight she bought us all subway for dinner, then took Rei and Aurora bowling with her.  It's so nice to see her getting out and getting some activity in that is good for her.  I worked an extra hour last night because we were so busy at work and am glad I now have all of this week off.  I have a lot planned for myself to accomplish, and I am looking forward to having my paper done so I can do "fun" stuff.

Otherwise, not too much is new here.  I am personally feeling the effects of stress--my head and my tummy are not happy--but it's par for the course with all that I have going on right now.  The family is being wonderfully supportive and I couldn't ask for more!  Eric starts his new classes on Monday, and will be in class monday, tuesday, and friday evenings for the next 10 (or is it 12?) weeks or so.  And I am thrilled that my in-laws are coming to visit us just after Easter!  It's going to be wonderful to see them.  They are coming for "Grandma's" 100th birthday on the 8th of April.  I am also planning a trip to MN in the not too distant future.  Tony offered to fly me to MN so I can make him "shepherd's pie", cuz "no one makes it like my mama does!" and I can tell he is missing me as much as the little ones are.  Justin told me that I can stay at his house and sleep in his bed, cuz his "bed is comfy enough for three!" My guess is he means him, me, and Alexis all in one bed.  I just laughed!

Ok, back to reactive attachment disorder!  I have to keep going!

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