Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's gonna be a girl! (Pictures posted with the momma's permission)

A profile view

The infamous "gender identity shot"Another profile shot.

Yesterday Brie had her ultrasound.  Eric tried so hard to stay up to go with us, but alas, his body gave up the ghost before we left and he was out cold in seconds of laying down...  Anyhow, Brie went back with the tech, and I sat patiently waiting in the waiting room, working on my 2-at-a-time socks (using the magic loop technique: one loooooong circular needle to knit with) and chatting briefly with another woman (who commented on my knitting); Anyhow, the tech came back to the room and called...  For ME!  (The base ultrasound generally does not allow spectators in the room for their tests).  I got worried, and went back with him, to see Brie sitting on the edge of the table, wiping off her belly, and proudly announcing she had pictures (the ones above), and that "Daddy got his wish--it's a girl!" to which I responded "Yay!  Another little Princess!" (Brie booed at this point--she doesn't want a fru-fru princess; she wants a rough and tumble tom-boy!). Anyhow, the tech had her lay back down, re-gooped her belly (technical term, lol) and showed me the highlights of the ultrasound, live action no less!  I got to see all 4 chambers of her heart, and the fact that she has a full tummy; I saw her spine, her face, both arms and legs; she was a squiggly squirmy little peanut, and she even stretched out full length as we were watching (like her mama, she is already a camera ham...).  I was so touched to be included in this very special event, and it meant so much to me.  Just as Eric's children are already "children of my heart", so too is this baby.

I asked Brie her name, given I really didn't like the first one being bandied about (same name as some of our harder girls at the treatment center--so bad memories associated) and answered "Skye Noel".  Very pretty, very simple, and yet unique.  Brie and I then went out to breakfast, and had a wonderful 2+ hour chat about everything--what we are going to need for baby things, what her plans for the future are, and just random discussion as one thing led into another.  It was fantastic, and I feel so much better about where her head is at finally.  Obviously many things remain in the air, but at least dialogues are begun and we can move forward from here.  I am very excited to have another grandbaby to love, and 5 months will go quickly.  Our little peanut currently weighs approx 7 oz, and I forget what they said length is; she is gestationally 17 weeks 6 days old (by her measurements) and it puts her due date relatively on track (about a week later than is scheduled, but dates are only approximations anyway). 

We immediately started sharing the news, Brie on facebook (and got like 15 comments in 5 minutes), and me by phone; Eric is very pleased with the news that the baby is healthy and right where she needs to be.  So we are gonna have a girl!

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